Nancy utilizes her business, financial, and technical knowledge to improve individual, team and organizational performance. With more than 30 years of systems, operations, and organizational development experience, Nancy founded Leadership Dynamics, Inc. in 1998, an international consulting firm based in North America and Europe. Prior to Leadership Dynamics, Inc., Nancy was the Enterprise Consulting Practice Leader for Arthur Andersen in Northern California focused on businesses $20 million-$500 million.

Believing that “we aren’t here for a long time, but we are here for a good time and to do good,” Nancy is involved in several philanthropic organizations. She is a Board Member of the Conservation Society of California (Oakland Zoo). In 1922, her great grandfather and grandfather started what has become the Oakland Zoo. From its founding the zoo has been dedicated to protecting endangered wildlife and preserving their environments.

She is the Board President of On the Move, an organization that is becoming the model for the state and nation in helping Foster Youth, disenfranchised Schools, Parents, and Neighborhoods, and LBGTQ communities.

Most recently, Nancy worked with a group of like-minded women to found Impact 100 East Bay whose mission is “to unite women in our community to make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Our goal is to collectively raise funds to support unmet charity needs in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and raise awareness for deserving organizations.”

Nancy received her MBA from the University of Santa Clara and her BA from the University of California, Davis.