A strategist and product definer with Osage Consulting, whose work includes real-time AI, simulation, wearables, and innovative entertainment applications in spaces such as theme parks and online.

Clark Dodsworth does strategy and product definition for user-centered systems, software and services. Combining hyper-personalization with maximum effectiveness, his work includes realtime AI, simulation, AR, context, and wearables, plus entertainment applications in theme parks and online.

He is currently defining ‘Devices That Learn You’ …how personal cloud, behavioral context, GPS, always-on sensors, predictive analytics, machine vision, ad hoc mesh networking, and machine learning work together.

Clark speaks on emerging technology strategy and biomimetic design to organizations that include the Department of Defense, SIGGRAPH, Silicon Valley Forum, IMERSA, VRSummit, NextAarhus, AREvent, AWE, TiLE, eComm America, and IEEE-CNSV. He has written for or been quoted by WSJ, Technology Review, Fortune, Variety, Amusement Business, and Der Standard.

In 1998, Clark co-developed Philips’ original “Ambient Intelligence” strategy, for smartphones, homes, devices, and sensors. His book “Entertaining the Future with High Technology” was published by Addison-Wesley in 1998, too. He has done extensive patent assessment for IBM for entertainment applications.

He contributes to the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), the Entertainment Technology Center Press at Carnegie Mellon, SIGGRAPH, and IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. He’s guest-editor for the ACM SIGGRAPH quarterly journal ‘Computer Graphics’ and the SIGGRAPH Video Review. He’s served as papers reviewer, juror, or co-producer for the Web3D conferences, DUXo5, Scope1, and the International Conference on Audio Display (ICAD).

Clients include Apple, Huawei, SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment Inc., Evans & Sutherland, startups, and Palo Alto Ventures.

Clark’s on the editorial board of the Entertainment Technology Center Press at Carnegie Mellon and the advisory boards of Simiosys.com and Informal Learning Associates.

Clark studied under and performed with Nam June Paik, Wolfgang Wagner, Dan Sandin and Tom DeFanti at the University of Illinois and the Art Institute of Chicago. His computer graphics video art has been exhibited in the US, Europe, and Japan.