Celebrating a Well-Chosen Path

Two years ago, after facing a life-changing crisis, I pursued a new path that led me to the Legal Studies program at JFK University. As a former stay-at-home mother of four, I frequently told my children, “Doing the right thing is rarely doing the easy thing.” These words proved true throughout my time at JFK University.

kate-mignaniWorking full-time and attending classes at night meant I had to be intentional about my time management, something that does not come naturally for me.”Similarly, due to financial constraints, I worked extra hard to excel in class in order to secure scholarships, both through the University and with outside agencies.”It was not an easy path but one that was well worth the effort.

The education not only equipped me to become a paralegal, it also paved the way for acceptance to law school.”Even better, JFK University fostered a team environment through which I made new friends and learned in the community.”The small class sizes and group projects facilitated valuable educational and interpersonal experiences that led to our mutual success.

We recently commemorated this victory together as we donned cap and gown, marched to Pomp and Circumstance, and celebrated our accomplishment at the historic Paramount Theater.” Graduation was a beautiful picture representing the very journey that brought us there. Each graduate walked alone across the stage, acknowledged as an individual, yet honored as one, as we moved our tassels from one side of our mortarboards to the other declared the University’s graduating class of 2016.

As we go our separate ways, there is no question that each one of us is better for having chosen the JFK University path.

– Kate Mignani, Paralegal Certificate alum, College of Undergraduate Studies 2016 Student of the Year, first-year JFK University law student