Calling All Competitive Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and Youth-Sports Coaches!

Come learn proven, evidence-based techniques for overcoming mental hurdles and improving physical performance from two top experts in the field. On August 12, 2017 from Noon – 1:00 pm, the JFK University Sport Psychology Department will be welcoming to our Pleasant Hill Campus renowned sport psychologist Dr. Simon Marshall and three-time world-champion triathlete Lesley Paterson. Co-authors of the new book The Brave Athlete, Marshall and Paterson will participate in a special meet-and-greet, book-signing event open to the general public, accompanied by a lively conversation about the common mental conundrums facing today’s athletes.

Be the next to discover what top athletes, coaches, and trainers already know: When it comes to optimizing performance, a well-trained mind is just as important as a well-trained body, if not more so. Combining clinical science with real-world experience, Marshall and Paterson will introduce you to evidence-based techniques proven in practice, not to the fancy-sounding, fad buzzwords of the day.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur enthusiast, an expert instructor or a volunteer coach, a better understanding of sport psychology can improve your own performance and that of the athletes with whom you interact. As a dynamic husband-and-wife team, Marshall and Paterson bring to their approach the dual perspectives of both sport-psychology practitioner and athlete-coach. This combination has resulted in practical, evidence-based solutions to the mental challenges athletes face most, such as dealing effectively with negative thoughts or performance anxiety.

Formerly Director of the Graduate Program in Sport & Exercise Psychology at San Diego State University, Dr. Marshall now works full time training the brains of elite athletes, including the BMC professional cycling team. Paterson, a world-champion triathlete and professional mountain biker, brings to the table years of experience competing and coaching at the world’s most elite levels, with a specialized knowledge of the particular mental challenges facing endurance athletes.

Join us for a fascinating, spirited exploration of the psychological underpinnings of athletic success and the mental blocks that prevent us from performing at our best. The techniques and approaches discussed are sure to benefit everyone from the most casual beginner to elite-level pros. We hope to see you there!