Bridging the Gap between Nutrition and Psychology

John F. Kennedy University is paving the way for formal education in a new area of study that lies between the disciplines of nutrition and psychology. Nutritional Psychology is an applied discipline that provides mental health professionals with psycho-educational tools to support client mood, behavior, and well-being.

While Nutritional Psychology utilizes research findings and science as a backdrop to support it’s foundation, the tools used in Nutritional Psychology are designed to help each individual client understand the impact that their own dietary and nutrient intake is having on their mood, behavior, and well-being.

The first courses in Nutritional Psychology were developed by Ephimia Morphew-Lu in 2008 and taught live at JFKU campuses in Pleasanton and Campbell. The courses were met with great enthusiasm and requests for more education in this new area. Many professionals attending expressed that as practicing professionals in the field of mental health, they wanted psycho-educational tools in Nutritional Psychology to educate their clients in the possible impact their nutrient intake may be having on their mood and emotions.

Due to the success of the courses, JFKU asked Ephi to develop a certification program in nutritional psychology. Ephi joined forces with Dr. Amanda Hull to develop the Certificate Program in Nutritional Psychology.

The courses can be taken for professional development in any field, continuing education for psychologists, nurses, or LMFT’s, or personal benefit. Each course can be taken individually as a stand-alone, or all 7 courses (32 hours) can be taken to achieve a Certificate in Nutritional Psychology from JFK University.

JFKU’s Certification in Nutritional Psychology provides professionals with access to formal education in the field of study that bridges the gap between psychology and nutrition. For more information or to register, call 800-557-1384 or visit