Front Line to Home Front 2018: Transforming Trauma

Transforming Trauma

Join us for a full-day transformative laboratory for achieving optimal performance, resilience, and wellness. This free event is for veterans and their families as well as firefighters, police officers, therapists, and anyone who works in or with active trauma situations.

Featured Speakers

MAJ (Ret.) Josh Manta

Best-selling author and CEO of Darker Souls, is a West Point graduate and recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor. He was killed and miraculously revived after sustaining a fatal gunshot wound in Baghdad in 2007, but came to learn that his greatest battle would be an internal one. The paradoxes of trauma emerged in unimaginable ways as he fought through the shadows of shame, guilt, and betrayal. He’s since been on a decade long quest to uncover the truth behind trauma and is here to share his powerful insights with you.

Greg Amundson

Best-selling author and CrossFit’s “original Firebreather” Athlete, is among the nation’s forefront authorities on self-leadership and integrated wellness practices. As a former DEA Special Agent, SWAT Operator, Army Captain, Kokoro Yoga Instructor, and Krav Maga Instructor, Greg will help you internalize disciplined practices that are central to the warrior professions. His integration of the Mind, Body, and Spirit offers an irreplaceable perspective to keep you thriving in all aspects of your life.

Front Line to Home Front is the annual summit hosted by the VALOR Center at John F. Kennedy University.  This day-long workshop is designed to provide resources to service members, their families and the community at large.


Check in and breakfast available
Introduction and Thanks to Sponsors
Thomas Gallinatti- CEO of Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes
Daniel Rodriguez, Retired NYPD, 9/11 Survivor and Famed Tenor Singing
Overview of learning objectives
Overview of topics of the day
Josh Mantz
CEO of Darker Souls
The truth behind trauma
The Body: From trauma to transformation
Overview of physiological responses to life-threatening situations
Leveraging cultural competence to reduce stigma and enhance the therapeutic relationship
5 minute stretch for guests
Greg Admundson
Best-Selling Author and CrossFit’s “Original Firebreather”
Optimal Performance and overcoming adversity
Use of Crossfit and fitness in recovery of PTSD
Lunch served
Josh Mantz-CEO of Darker Souls
The Mind: From Trauma to Transformation
Overview of paradoxical challenges within the Modern Operating Environment
Overview of guilt determinants, factors that increase magnitude and guilt cognitions
Greg Admundson-Best Selling Author and CrossFit’s “Original Firebreather”
The Spirit: From Trauma to Transformation
Overview of spiritual implications of traumatic experiences
Self-leadership as it pertains to trauma, transformation and wellness
Panel of Experts in Trauma Recovery
Noelle Morra, VALOR Center Coordinator at JFK University and Air Force veteran
Josh Mantz, CEO of Darker Souls
Greg Admundson, Original "Firebreather"
Dr. Shauna Springer, Originator of "Warrior Code"
Mike Wells, Current PsyD student and Army veteran
Daniel Rodriguez, America's Beloved Tenor
The Transformation and Conclusion
Daniel Rodriguez, “God Bless America”
Resources for participants
Follow up information
** Guests will be given a 3X5 card on each table. Participants can write down questions and a runner will pick them at the 3:00pm break.
** Please include survey in program to get feedback on event
Agenda is subject to change.

Counseling Psychology


Counseling Hours Performed by Students Each Year


Pass Rate for First Time Test Takers (MFT and LPCC)


Each Student Assigned a Faculty Advisor


Counseling psychology trains future licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Clinical Counselors to work with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of settings.

The programs emphasize development of the self as therapist; multicultural diversity and inclusion; social justice; and in-depth understanding of a wide range of individual and systemic counseling theories.

Counseling Psychology Programs

MA Counseling Psychology

Prepares students for future clinical work in county and community based agencies, residential and addiction treatment programs, inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, health care facilities, veterans’ centers, school districts, private and nonprofit outpatient clinics, and private practice settings.

MA Counseling Psychology - Holistic

With over 40 years of Holistic education, this family of programs incorporates a unique learning environment designed to support students in an integral model toward personal growth, human potential and service to others.

Academic Certificate in Trauma Studies

Developed to give practitioners both the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to work effectively and humanely with trauma sufferers. JFK University Certificate in Trauma Studies offers is available in both one and two-year formats.


Big things begin with a simple yes.


Years of Holistic Counseling Programs and Community Service


Counseling Psychology Hours Performed by Students Every Year


Pass Rate for First Time MFT & LPCC Test Takers


Unique Holistic Specializations

Ways to Learn

  • In-Person

Quick Facts

  • 3-Years Full Time
  • Part-Time Option Available
  • 91 Units
  • Evening Option Available


Many of us feel intuitively the intimate, inextricable connections among body, mind, community, and environment. For ages, traditional wisdom has recognized the need to maintain harmony among these various elements in order to achieve mental and physical health as well as internal peace.

However, for how widely acknowledged these connections are, and for how much evidence exists demonstrating their importance, surprisingly few universities offer students the ability to explore with academic and clinical rigor these important aspects of counseling psychology.

JFK University’s Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology—Holistic provides the unique opportunity for students to obtain a license-eligible degree from an accredited university while specializing in transpersonal, somatic, or arts-based practices. The program emphasizes a client-centered approach that teaches students to place trust in the client’s innate health and inner guiding wisdom.

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  • A holistic approach acknowledges mind, body and environment
  • Unique specializations include Expressive Arts and Depth Psychotherapy
  • License-eligible degree satisfies the requirements for the California Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) license


Students earning their Master’s in Counseling Psychology – Holistic will be able to do the following:

Display the capacity to build a therapeutic relationship with client.

Competently apply clinical skills.

Articulate theoretical comprehension and apply critical thinking.

Utilize principles of their specific program specialization (depth & transpersonal, somatic, holistic, expressive arts) in their work with clients.

Exhibit holistic self-awareness and embodied professionalism.

Listen closely. Are you getting a yes?


Specialization in Depth and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

A special emphasis on depth, Jungian, and psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy, exploring the interaction between personality, emotion, and spirit and empowerment of client’s own self-healing abilities.

Specialization in Expressive Arts

A special emphasis on multi-modal expressive arts approaches to psychotherapy

Specialization in Holistic Studies

A special emphasis on transpersonal and somatic approaches to psychotherapy.  Offered at San Jose campus only.

Specialization in Somatic Psychology

A special emphasis exploring somatic processes, the body-mind connection, and the wisdom of the body as a gateway to self-empowerment and healing.

Holistic Research Center

The Holistic Research Center (HRC) supports research of holistic counseling constructs and expanding research methodology toward a more holistic paradigm.  


The curriculum encompasses core courses in holistic studies, basic counseling skills, diagnosis and assessment; marriage and family counseling courses; and courses in the student’s chosen specialization. Students complete a yearlong supervised field placement at an approved community-based site.

Students must complete a minimum of 91-92 units to receive the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology degree.


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