Advice To New Students

As you begin, your new adventure at JFK University in the Legal Studies program, we want to share what we wish we had known when we began our first-quarter.

  • Create an academic calendar to keep up with due dates.
  • Try and stay ahead of the work/studying. Don’t procrastinate or wait until the day it’s due.
  • Complete every assignment. They help you to understand the material so much better.
  • Show up to class!
  • Time management! Start homework right away.
  • Block out two/three, time slots per week to study/complete assignments. Buy a calendar and enter, all assignments and due dates.
  • Do the homework immediately!!!! Do not wait until the day before to do it.
  • Read all activities and assignments ahead of time. Print them out and put the due date at the top of each. Set an alarm on your phone for each.
  • Do not miss class or an assignment. Ask plenty of questions.
  • Stay on top of work and reading. Make sure to pay attention to the syllabus/Blackboard for deadlines.
  • Study, study, study, and study. Oh, and one more thing, turn everything in!
  • Do all assignments on time, even it if is mostly not correct. Anything is better than not receiving credit.
  • Pay close attention to keywords from the syllabus, blackboard, instructors, and TAs. Heed their suggestions to be successful.
  • Stay on top of it!
  • Read chapters in advance and turn in complete drafts.

Best of luck beginning your adventure!