Dr. Tom Stewart
John F. Kennedy University

Thomas Stewart, Ph.D., President John F. Kennedy University, has been actively involved in education reform and innovation for nearly twenty years. He has co-founded and led approximately twenty organizations within and across nonprofit, public, and for-profit sectors, including Patten University, Black Alliance for Educational Options, SEED Public Charter School of Washington (DC), National Black Graduate Student Association, and District of Columbia Community College Prep Public Charter School.

Dr. Stewart has authored numerous publications focused on various aspects of education reform, particularly the challenges and opportunities facing low-income, first-generation, and non-traditional students and their families. Most recently, he coauthored (with Dr. Patrick J. Wolf) The School Choice Journey: School Vouchers and the Empowerment of Urban Families (Palgrave and McMillian 2014). He received a BA, with honors, from the University of the District of Columbia, and Ph.D. in Government from the Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.