A Living Culture of Diversity


Definition of Diversity at John F. Kennedy University

John F. Kennedy University defines diversity across lines of both culture and ideas. Diversity is viewed as differences in multiple dimensions of culture, including the following: race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual/gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability, veteran status, linguistic ability, learning differences, age, immigration status, and national origin. John F. Kennedy University recognizes that diversity also includes differences in values, beliefs, ideologies, and political perspectives, all working toward the common goal of a “living culture of diversity.” We understand diversity is not a static list of fixed identities but rather is reflective of the changing and interdependent nature of human experience.

Implementing a Living Culture of Diversity

The Diversity Task Force, in collaboration with the University community, created the University’s Diversity Action Plan. In 2014 the University adopted a Protocol for Diversity Hiring.

Diversity Council Key Initiatives

The Diversity Council remains an active member of the University community and plays a vital role. Here are some of the highlights from the last few years.

Key Initiatives as of April 2015

  1. Restructuring of Diversity Council
  2. Growth of Diversity Council
  3. Community-wide challenge for department-led diversity initiatives

Key Initiatives in 2014

  1. Increasing diversity scholarships by 100%.
  2. Holding community wide event commemorating Cesar Chavez
  3. Attaining eligibility and designation as an official Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)
  4. Cultivating our relationships with the Hispanic/Latino community
  5. Hiring more bilingual, Spanish-speaking staff
  6. Holding diversity events for JFK University and the broader community

Key Initiatives in 2013

  1. Producing the diversity section of the 2015 Strategic Plan
  2. Holding diversity events for JFK University and the broader community
  3. Professional development of the Diversity Officer
  4. Creating and instituting a cross-cultural adjustment training curriculum for new international students
  5. Reviving and increasing the scope of the Alice Walker and Jackie Kennedy scholarships
  6. Circulating and promoting employment opportunities to networks and areas with diverse applicant pools
  7. Creation of new protocol and statements from JFK University that facilitate diverse hiring practices
  8. Formation of a new 2014 Diversity Council
  9. Presence at Mayor Ed Lee’s Christmas ball for Asian Pacific Islander leaders

Key Initiatives in 2012

  1. Reestablishment of the Diversity Council
  2. Identifying priority concerns in diversity at JFK University
  3. Promoting education on transgender issues
  4. Creating a speaker series and motto
  5. Launching Family Brown Bag events
  6. Diversifying hiring practices at JFK University