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Faculty Publications


The faculty of John F. Kennedy University are practitioner-scholars actively engaged in the fields in which they are teaching, through speaking at professional conferences and publishing books and articles.  Below are just a sampling of recent books publshed by faculty.


Loyd Auerbach - Adjunct Faculty, Consciousness & Transformative Studies

ESP WARS: EAST & WEST: An Account of the Military Use of Psychic Espionage as Narrated by the Key Russian and American Players by Edwin C. May Ph.D., Victor Rubel Ph.D. and Loyd Auerbach M.S.
(Laboratories for Fundamental Research, August 2014).

ESP WARS provides an insiders view of both the US psychic program (Star Gate) and the programs of the Soviet Union and Russia. Dr. May was the director of the US program from 1985-1995. Other key contributors include the US Army's Remote Viewer 001, Joe McMoneagle, and several Russian generals, ex-KGB sources, and scientists. Besides covering the results of the programs (and specific examples), the book deals with the government politics and funding of controversial projects as well as how the projects' results affected politics in the East and West.

Javy W. Galindo - Lecturer, Consciousness & Transformative Studies

Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails: A philosopher's simple guide to the psychology of joy, satisfaction, and a meaningful life
(Enlightened Hyena Press, June 2014)

Inspired by a series of emails with a student looking to discover happiness beyond material possessions and money, Galindo draws on modern psychological research to provide practical tools for experiencing consistent, everyday happiness, and raises philosophical questions that can help individuals discover their own unique insights on life.

Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails is more than a collection of emails or an introductory textbook to positive psychology. It is an inspirational, thought-provoking guide to the science of happiness and to a life well lived.

Kenneth Bradford - Adjunct Faculty, Holistic Counseling Psychology

The I of the Other: Mindfulness-based Diagnosis and the Question of Sanity
(Paragon House, September 2013)

Bradford is the first psychotherapist to apply a Mindfulness-based approach to psychological assessment and diagnosis, making this a foundational and entry text to mindfulness and experientially informed therapy practices.

It presents the first application of the Phenomenological Research Method to psychodiagnosis. While the phenomenological method has enjoyed high regard in the area of qualitative research, this book marks its first appearance in being applied to clinical assessment and diagnosis.

Furthermore, these two cutting-edge approaches, one from the East and one from the West, are intertwined in a way that contributes to the emerging Integrative trends in Psychology.