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E2 Pitch Events


As the result of a generous grant from Chevron Corporation and additional support from Heritage Bank and the Keiretsu Forum, IEL is proud fo offer a series of pitch contests each year – the “E2” (Emerging Entrepreneur) pitch contests.

These E2 Pitch provides eight entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their two-minute pitch to a distinguished panel of experienced angel investors, business executives, and entrepreneurs. The panel provides feedback on each presentation and votes on a 1-5 scale with the two companies with the highest scores winning 1st prize of $1,000 and 2nd prize of $500.

For the 2015-2016 year, the first two E2 Pitch events were held on October 6, 2015, and January 28, 2016. The winner of the October event was 710 Solutions, which has designed zenpen, a revolutionary Personal Micro-Vaporizer (PMV) that works much like an electronic cigarette, but is far more versatile. The zenpen systemically delivers vaporizable compounds without the negative health effects associated with smoking.

Saint Harridan, an Oakland-based clothing store, was the winner of the January E2 event. Saint Harridan is breaking the boundaries of traditional stores by offering quality men’s suits for women and trans men.

Our next E2 Pitch event will be on Tuesday, October 18, at JFK University Room S304 at 100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill. Companies across all industries are encouraged to apply. To apply to participate, click here.

This contest is offered in partnership with Keiretsu Forum.

To learn about our past E2 Pitch winners, click here.