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Museum Studies Fundamentals


John F Kennedy University Museum Studies presents our first ever fully online Continuing Education Series! Each course includes 12 hours of content with online learning modules to be done at your own pace. Courses will provide online learning modules with lectures, student-instructor discussion boards, live chats, training videos, readings, reflection and written assignments with instructor and peer-to-peer feedback. This program costs $350 per course or $1,750 for the entire series. Coming Spring 2018.

Series Requirements:

  1. Museums 101
  2. Strategic Thinking & Planning
  3. Collections Management Basics
  4. The Visitor Experience
  5. Fundraising & Marketing

Please email for more information.

Core Course
Museums 101
Credit Hours: 12

This online course sets the stage for the JFKU CE series. We will discuss the importance of museums to communities, starting with mission, vision, and values. Lectures, discussions, and readings will explore museum functions, collections, programming, audiences, and stakeholders. Reflection and written assignments will draw on your own experiences and prepare you for learning and engagement in the next four courses.

XMG1041W        $350

Core Course
Strategic Thinking and Planning
Michelle Powers
Credit Hours: 12

This online course provides an overview of current business practices in museums with an emphasis on governance and planning for organizational success. Through engaging lectures, insightful readings, and robust dialog with instructor and classmates, we will learn from case studies and work to create and improve our own organizational plans.

XMG1042W        $350

Core Course
The Visitor Experience
Susan Spero, PhD
Credit Hours: 12

In this online course we will consider the full scope of your organization’s visitors’ experiences from their first notion to visit through the time on site to the moment they leave then consider returning. In the course modules you will learn essential strategies to plan and implement the core experiences that you deliver to museum audiences including families, adult, and school groups. The course content includes, short lectures, readings, expert interviews, and practical exercises.

XMG1044W        $350

Core Course
Collections Management Basics
Joy Tahan Ruddell
Credit Hours: 12

This online-onsite course offers an overview of the key concepts; tools and systems used in museum registration. Topics include acquisitions, loans, database management, exhibition planning and preventative conservation. Moderated by a museum registrar, this course features short lectures; brief readings; group discussions and skill building assignments. One full-day on-site practicum class provides professional training with object handling, cataloging, photography, condition reporting and collections storage basics.

XMG1043W        $350
Online Starting Date: March-April 2018
In-person Meeting at Camron-Stanford House on April 14, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Core Course
Fundraising & Marketing
Michelle Powers
Credit Hours: 12

This course provides an overview of multiple fundraising and marketing techniques and best practices. Learning modules include: input from experts in the fundraising field; contemporary literature and current trends; and the step-by-step creation of a working development plan for your institution will provide students the tools they need to make their organization more sustainable in a rapidly changing funding environment.

XMG1045W        $350