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Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)


Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d as a Member of the Judicial System
Kim Clark, JD

We are pleased to offer FOUR one-hour online sessions of MCLE credit:

  1. Course ONE: Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession (1-hour)
  2. Course TWO: Legal Ethics (1-hour)
  3. Course THREE: Competence Issues (1-hour)
  4. Course FOUR: General (1-hour)

With a focus on social ethics that addresses race, racism, privilege, the role of the judicial system in sustaining cultural norms and how this impacts the challenges facing legal professionals. These courses will explore the moral, ethical and philosophical implications of legal practice. Through critical analysis of the profession, participants will identify popular beliefs about race, racial identity, privilege and the rule of law in American culture. Participants will also analyze their attitude towards the profession, their clients, and themselves as they discover tensions and conflicts in the practice of law. How we can increase well-being both physically and mentally will also be explored. These online courses will be taught at the introductory level.

Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession (1-hour)
In "California Rules of Professional Conduct" Failing to Act Competently, we will consider Rule 3-110. Competence might include awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences, accepting differences, and skills for making others comfortable to express differences. Current issues about legal cultural competency and the provision of competent counsel will be addressed.

Legal Ethics (1-hour)
This online course will introduce participants to the legal Critical Race Theory (CRT) movement of legal scholarship that emerged from the social movements of the 1960's. Participants will learn the relevance and significance of CRT's legal efforts to understand racism's ideological component and its spiritual nature in an attempt to eliminate racial bias.

Competence Issues(1-hour)
(Formerly known as Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Substance Abuse or Mental Illness)
In this online course, participants will be introduced to the idea of utilizing a holistic approach to identify and assist lawyers with substance abuse or mental illness disorders. Additionally, participants will learn how to prevent substance abuse or mental health disorders by utilizing the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration Wellness Initiative.

General (1-hour) Practice, Praxis and Connecting with Feelings of Well-Being
This online course is designed to explore how the practice of law can offer ways of meaningful engagement with the world while providing a sense of fulfillment in life. This online course considers aspects of the law that bring suffering and disease and explores how to reframe these experiences to bring joy and happiness.

Course Completion Time Limit
You will have 90 days to complete the online course from the date of registration. You may request 30 day extensions for a fee of $35. Download the Extension Request Form from the right sidebar and mail or fax it to our office or call us at 800.557.1384. Extensions take a few days to process. An email will be sent to you when the extension access has been granted.