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Master of Arts in Sport Psychology - Clinical PsyD Dual Degree


Now choose from completing the program online or on-site in Pleasant Hill.

For individuals interested in sport psychology and in working in a clinical setting and/or using clinical psychology skills in working with clients, John F. Kennedy University is pleased to offer an innovative program that enables individuals to work toward earning an MA in Sport Psychology and a PsyD degree concurrently. This program provides a unique opportunity to train to work with both clinical clients and athletes and prepare to apply the skills and knowledge developed from both the fields of sport and clinical psychology.

Both the Master of Arts in Sport Psychology and the PsyD offer the highest level of available training in applied sport and clinical psychology respectively. (Unlike a research-based Ph.D., the PsyD program is designed to produce practitioners, not researchers, while providing the same high level of scholarly study.) And the missions of the two programs are similar: both provide a strong foundation in counseling skills and train students to serve multicultural and diverse populations.

In the past, students could earn a Master's degree in two years and a Doctorate in Psychology in an additional four years. This innovative linked program allows completion of both degrees within five years of intensive, full-time study (part-time options are available). Students earn their Master of Arts in Sport Psychology after their third year and they earn their PsyD after their fifth year. With both degrees, graduates are able to use the title "Sport Psychologist" and apply to sit for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) certification exam. Graduates also earn eligibility to take the psychology licensing exam for the state of California.


The full-time student starts in the Sport Psychology program for the first year and then moves into the PsyD program for the following four years. Once in the PsyD program, the linked student fulfills all the same curricular and training requirements asked of all PsyD students.

The MA component of the linked program consists of 42 units in the Sport Psychology program and 35 units in the PsyD program (completed during the first two years of the PsyD program, i.e., years two and three of full-time study). Upon successful completion of these 77 units and the Master's Written and Oral examinations, a Master's degree will be conferred. Upon successful completion of the fifth year of full-time study in the linked program and all requirements for the PsyD, a PsyD degree will also be awarded.

First Year
PSP 5002 - Writing Workshop (0 units)
PSP 5279 - Fieldwork Orientation (0 units)
PSP 5280 - Fieldwork [2] (6 units)
PSP 5800A - Sport Psychology A (3 units)
PSP 5800B - Sport Psychology B [2] (3 units)
PSP 5803A - Ethics and Professional Issues in Sport Psychology A (2 units)
PSP 5804 - Assessment Strategies (3 units)
PSP 5811 - Counseling Skills A (3 units)
PSP 5815 - Performance Enhancement A (3 units)
PSP 5816 - Performance Enhancement B (3 units)
PSP 5817 - Performance Enhancement C [2] (3 units)
PSP 5819 - Social and Historical Issues in Sport (2 units)
PSP 5822 - Team Building (3 units)
PSP 5833 - Kinesiology (4 units)
PSP 5834 - Motor Learning and Performance (1 unit)
PSP XXXX - Elective (1 unit)

Attendance is required at a minimum of 6 professional development seminars and at all (4) town hall meetings during the first two years in the full-time program:
PSP 9000 - Professional Development Seminar (0 units)
PSP 9020 - Town Hall Meetings (0 units)

Comprehensive Exams
PSP 9085 - Fieldwork Exam (0 units)
PSP 9090 - Comprehensive Written Examination: Sport Psychology (0 units)
PSP 9091 - Master’s Comprehensive Oral Examination: Sport Psychology [2] (0 units)

[2] In year two, the student moves into the PsyD program. Three units of fieldwork, PSP 5800B Sport Psychology B, PSP 5817 Performance Enhancement C, and the Sport Psychology Comprehensive Oral Examination will be taken after year one.