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Alison Pope-Rhodius, PhD

Professor College of Psychology
Sport Psychology

Dr. Alison Pope-Rhodius is the Chair of the Sport Psychology Department and has been at JFK University since 2000. In addition to captaining the Sport Psychology Faculty Team and overseeing the program, she teaches the Sport Psychology A class, co-teaches Sport Psychology B on-site and online, facilitates some of the group supervision classes (“Group Soup”), and is one of the many AASP-certified supervisors for the interns’ fieldwork experiences. For over a decade, she held the position of Research Director for Sport Psychology, which involved chairing all the MA theses and guiding the students through the process. Dr. Pope-Rhodius also taught the Dissertation Proposal sequence for the PsyD Program and was on the dissertation committees of several students. She also guides students through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) certification process.

Alison was BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences) accredited from 1996-2004, then was the first person to get AASP certification status in 2004 through the reciprocal agreement between BASES and AASP. In the UK, she was a “Chartered Psychologist” of the British Psychological Society (2006-2012), in the British Olympic Association’s Sport Psychology advisory group, and in the U.S. has been a member of the Sport Psychology Registry of the United States Olympic Committee since 2005.

Current professional service outside of JFK University includes being the Chair of AASP’s Dorothy V. Harris Memorial Award Review Committee, Chair of the AASP Foundation’s Distinguished Mentor Award, member of the AASP Foundation Committee, member of APA Division 47’s Education and Training Committee and the Coalition for the Advancement of Graduate Training, including their Supervised/Mentored Applied Training Experiences Subgroup.

Alison regularly presents at the AASP annual conferences, and in 2012, presented in the UK at both the BPS and ICSEMIS/IOC conferences. She has also co-authored several book chapters:

Carlson, E., & Rhodius, A. (2014). Do you need help? Build your support team and alliances. In J. Taylor (Ed.), Practice Development in Sport and Performance Psychology (pp. 125–140). Morgantown, WV: Fitness Information Technology.

Rhodius, A., & Huntley, E. (2014). Facilitating reflective practice in graduate trainees and early career practitioners. In Z. Knowles, D. Gilbourne, B. Cropley, & L. Dugdill (Eds.), Reflective Practice in the Sport and Exercise Sciences: Contemporary Issues (pp. 91–100). New York, NY: Routledge.

Rhodius, A., & Sugarman, K. (2014). Peer consultations with colleagues: The significance of gaining support and avoiding the ‘Lone Ranger trap.’ In L. Tashman & G. Cremades (Eds.), Becoming a Performance Psychologist: International Perspectives on Service Delivery and Supervision (pp. 331–338). New York, NY: Routledge.

She also recently co-edited a book all about how to be successful in a sport psychology internship, based on our work at JFKU, due to be published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis in the fall of 2017.

Dr. Pope-Rhodius is the host of one of the first podcasts in sport psychology called “Wee Chats with Brilliant People.” Learn more and listen here:

Alison also has her own private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with athletes and coaches from all sports, and specializes in understanding elite individual performance needs. She worked with the British archery team for many years and has worked with both the U.S. team and the team from India since moving to the U.S. in 2000. She has traveled the world working with athletes and coaches. 2004 was a monumental year for her and involved traveling to India, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, and Greece to work with elite archers from three different countries at the same time. At the Olympic Games in Athens, she worked with the U.S. team and the number-one British archer who won the bronze medal. She has continued to work with world-class athletes, primarily from individual sports. In 2004, she received the “Outstanding Achievement Award” from JFKU’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology.

In her spare time, Alison likes to camp, hike, take photos, play tennis, watch tennis, eat curry, watch films, and look at giraffes.

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