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Bachelor of Arts Completion Program in Psychology


The Bachelor of Arts completion program in Psychology at the Pleasant Hill and San Jose campuses engages students in a lively process of intellectual inquiry, self-discovery, critical thinking, creative synthesis, and interpersonal communication. We explore traditional and contemporary theories and methods that provide a strong foundation in the field of psychology. We also offer a uniquely expansive and integrative approach that explores emerging trends and innovative applications in psychology and allied fields.

In a creative curriculum that includes lecture, dialogue, and experiential processes, our students investigate a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches: psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, somatic, humanistic, transpersonal, cross-cultural, family systems, ecological, and postmodern. We value the whole person—mind, body, heart, and spirit—and study human behavior, consciousness, and development within various contexts.

Personalized advising, coupled with a dynamic interdisciplinary curriculum, facilitates both academic development and personal transformation and so serves as a powerful pathway to professional or graduate work. Our graduates have developed vital ways of understanding, creating, relating, and being that have made them successful professionals in a variety of fields: counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, research, human resources, marketing, management, teaching, law, and many others.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelor's program in Psychology will be able to do the following:

  • Identify, describe, and communicate the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  • Design, implement, and communicate basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretations.
  • Use critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and a scientific approach to address issues related to behavior and mental processes.
  • Apply psychological principles to individual, interpersonal, group, and societal issues.
  • Value empirical evidence, tolerate ambiguity, act ethically, and recognize their role and responsibility as a member of society.


Students must complete 180 quarter units to receive this Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

  • The 180 units include 45 Lower-Division General Education units required prior to admission. Students lacking these courses may take approved upper-division courses at JFK University, earn credit through CLEP or DANTES tests, or take approved courses from local community colleges. 
  • The units an individual may require to reach the 180 unit requirement will vary depending on the number of lower and upper division transfer units; upper division units may be fulfilled with upper division electives available through the College of Psychology and Holistic Studies.

(Note that BA in Psychology courses are offered in Pleasant Hill (COR, PYC) and San Jose (EDJ, PYJ). For simplicity, all courses listed below will have the COR and PYC prefix, although they also may be offered as EDJ and PYJ.)

Lower Division General Education Breadth Requirements (45 units)
COMPOSITION/Critical Thinking and Writing (9 units)
HUMANITIES Must have completed at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)
SOCIAL SCIENCE Must have at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)

All courses are 4 units are unless otherwise marked.

Core Curriculum (24 units)
COR 3000 - Education, Self, and Community (2 units)
COR 3146 - Information Literacy (2 units)
COR 3100 - Critical Thinking and Writing
COR 3303 - Statistics for the Social Sciences
COR 3145 - Research Writing
COR 3300 - Research Methods
COR 4800 - Introduction to Service Learning (1 unit)
COR 4805 - Practicum in Service Learning/Field Study (3 units)

BA Psychology Major (48 Units)
PYC 3000 - History of Psychology
PYC 3100 - Developmental Psychology
PYC 4007 - Psychology of Learning
PYC 4222 - Cognitive Psychology
PYC 3210 - Social Psychology
PYC 3200 - Theories of Personality
PYC 3220 - Biological Psychology
PYC 4221 - Abnormal Psychology
PYC 4220 - Cross Cultural Psychology
PYC 4999 - Senior Capstone

Choose two of the following courses:
PYC 4229 - Somatic Psychology
PYC 4217 - Psychology of Creativity
PYC 4203 - Humanistic Psychology
PYC 4205 - Transpersonal Psychology
PYC 3305 - Counseling Psychology