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CCS Research Group - Confronting the Cultural Shadow


The CCS research group is currently undertaking the following project:

Confronting the Cultural Shadow: A Phenomenological Study of Dreams of Racial Otherness and the Implications for the Body Politic

An empirical phenomenological study of emergent themes in dreams containing images of people that are racially different from the dreamer. Using data from various dream databases, this study will investigate what themes emerge when the dreamer is confronted with a dream image of otherness. Investigators in this research group will aim to respond to questions like:

  • What psychological implications do the dreams of racial otherness hold for the body politic?
  • Do dream images of racially different figures offer a direct mode of recognizing and mitigating implicit racial bias?
  • Is there also an inborn psychologically adaptive propensity evident in dreams towards the development of empathy for those that are racially different?
Dr. Butler

Dr. Butler is the principal investigator of the CCS research group, the faculty fellow of the Holistic Research Center, and an assistant professor in the holistic counseling department at John F. Kennedy University. He is a licensed psychologist and maintains a psychotherapy practice in North Oakland. The author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and a book, areas of Dr. Butler’s teaching and publications include archetypal psychotherapy, imaginal approaches to dream work, the confluence of yoga and depth psychology, and existential-phenomenological critique of psychology as a STEM discipline. He earned a bachelor’s in religious studies from Humboldt State University, a master’s degree in psychology from Saybrook University and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Students and alumni interested in contributing to this research endeavor can contact Dr. Butler at the following email: