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Specialization in Transpersonal Psychology

Building on the foundations of pioneers including C.G. Jung, Ken Wilber, Stan Grof, and others, transpersonal psychology has become an established field of study throughout the world. Transpersonal perspective unites the spiritual with psychological and social aspects of human experience, addressing the integration of the whole person – body, mind, emotion, and spirit. In doing so, it draws on the world’s spiritual traditions, as well as on contemporary Western psychological theory.

The transpersonal perspective emphasizes the counselor’s presence, openness, and authenticity as central to the therapeutic process. It maintains a respect for the client’s self-healing capacities and views emotional dysfunction as an opportunity for growth. Transpersonal psychotherapists are interested in exploring the interaction and integration of personality, feelings, and spirit, empowering their clients to connect with their essential self and to fulfill their soul’s purpose. Using traditional psychotherapeutic tools, as well as dream work, presence, guided visualization, expressive arts, and meditation, transpersonal therapists facilitate processes that support their clients’ self discovery and access their inner wisdom. Students are asked to pursue embodied spiritual practices as a foundation for their work with others.

The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in transpersonal psychology offers a strong foundation in basic counseling theory and practice. It combines theoretical and experiential learning modalities and emphasizes personal growth and development. Transpersonal psychology courses investigate the relationship between psyche, spirit, body, and culture. In addition to the in-depth core curriculum of the Counseling Psychology program, students explore contemporary schools of transpersonal, holistic, and depth psychology. Students are encouraged to pursue both spiritual and psychological practices as foundation for their work with others.

This program is offered on the Pleasant Hill and Berkeley campus and meets the educational requirements of the California Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor license.


The MA in Counseling Psychology with a Transpersonal Psychology specialization requires completion of 92 units.

Core Curriculum (3 units)
CNS 5010 Paradigms of Consciousness (3 units)
HPC 5000 Introduction to the Holistic Studies Counseling Psychology Program (0 units)

Transpersonal Psychology Specialization (15 units)
TPC 5140 Expressive Movement (3 units)
TPC 5141 Spiritual Systems (topics vary) (2 units)
TPC 5161 Transpersonal Counseling A (2 units)
TPC 5162 Transpersonal Counseling B (2 units)
TPC 5171 Systems of Transpersonal Counseling A (3 units)
TPC 5172 Systems of Transpersonal Counseling B (3 units)

General Counseling (24 units)
TPC 5004 Group Process A [1] (2 units)
TPC 5005 Group Process B [1] (2 units)
TPC 5006 Group Process C [1] (2 units)
TPC 5203 Diagnosis, Assessment and Therapeutic Strategy A (3 units)
TPC 5204 Diagnosis, Assessment, and Therapeutic Strategy B (3 units)
TPC 5213 Therapeutic Communication A [1] (3 units)
TPC 5214 Therapeutic Communication B [1] (3 units)
TPC 5235 Psychological Testing (3 units)
TPC 5245 Psychopharmacology (3 units)

Marriage and Family Therapy (34 units)
TPC 5152 Marriage and Family Counseling A (3 units)
TPC 5153 Marriage and Family Counseling B (3 units)
TPC 5158 Child Therapy (3 units)
TPC 5192 Individual Development and the Family Life Cycle A (3 units)
TPC 5193 Individual Development and the Family Life Cycle B (3 units)
TPC 5231 Sexuality (2 units)
TPC 5250 Basic Addiction Studies (3 units)
TPC 5325 Ethics and the Law (3 units)
TPC 5422 Cross-Cultural Issues in Counseling (3 units)
TPC 5703 Clinical Skills: Partner and Spousal Abuse, Elder Care (2 units)
TPC 5705 Counseling Case Seminar A (3 units)
TPC 5706 Counseling Case Seminar B (3 units)
TPC 9005 Personal Psychotherapy (0 units)
TPC 9015 Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting (0 units)

Field Placement (9 units)
TPC 5751 Field Placement A (3 units)
TPC 5752 Field Placement B (2 units)
TPC 5753 Field Placement C (2 units)
TPC 5754 Field Placement D (2 units)

Professional Integrative Project Sequence (3 units)
TPC 5104 Professional Integrative Project A (1 unit)
TPC 5105 Professional Integrative Project B (2 units)

[1] This requirement must be completed prior to year-end review.