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Specialization in Depth Psychotherapy

The Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology – Specialization in Depth Psychotherapy prepares students for careers as psychotherapists with a special emphasis on Depth, Jungian, and psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy. This program is offered at our Berkeley campus only.

This degree specialization offers a strong foundation in basic counseling theory and practice. As with the other specializations in the MA Counseling Psychology – Holistic program, this specialization is built on the traditions of modern psychology, adding a holistic perspective that integrates body, mind, spirit, and culture into the curriculum. The program combines theoretical and experiential learning modalities and emphasizes personal growth and development.

Students engage in self-reflection throughout the program. Core coursework allows students the opportunity to develop awareness of their own process while developing counseling, interpersonal, and communication skills. Students also explore the therapeutic relationship, psychodynamic theory and practice, attachment theory, transpersonal counseling, Jungian psychology, and existential-humanistic psychology.

Transpersonal psychology addresses many of the same client issues and utilizes many of the same methods as more traditionally oriented therapies. However, transpersonal psychology also emphasizes the quality of presence and authenticity of the therapist, an openness to expanded states of consciousness, and a trust in the client’s innate health and inner guiding wisdom. Transpersonal therapists may also utilize meditation, breath awareness, or imagery methods.

The coursework in Jungian and depth psychology deepens students’ knowledge of the role of dreams, imagination, archetypes, myth, and ritual in fostering psychological and spiritual well-being. The coursework builds skills in conceptualization of psychological complexes and psychotherapeutic treatment in the context of the clinical relationship, psychodynamics, and dream interpretation.

The degree curriculum meets the educational requirements for the California Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) license. With some additional coursework, students can also meet the requirements of the California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) license.


The MA in Counseling Psychology with a Depth Psychotherapy specialization requires completion of 91 units.

Depth Psychotherapy Specialization (17 units)
HPB 5000 Introduction to Holistic Studies Counseling Psychology Program (0 units)
DPB 5010 Paradigms of Consciousness (3 units)
DPB 5100 Depth Psych Master Courses (9 units)
HPB 5115 Fundamentals of Transpersonal Psychology (2 units)
HPB 5220 Jungian Psychology (3 units)

General Counseling (34 units)
HPB 5101 Group Process A (2 units)
HPB 5102 Group Process B (2 units)
HPB 5103 Group Process C (2 units)
HPB 5105 Therapeutic Communication A (3 units)
HPB 5106 Therapeutic Communication B (3 units)
HPB 5201 Diagnosis, Assessment and Therapeutic Strategy A (3 units)
HPB 5202 Diagnosis, Assessment and Therapeutic Strategy B (3 units)
HPB 5225 Basic Addiction Studies (3 units)
HPB 5520 Psychopharmacology (3 units)
DPB 5313 Advanced Clinical Skills: Depth Psych (2 units)
HPB 5315 Counseling Case Seminar (3 units)
HPB 5620 Approaches to Trauma and PTSD (2 units)
HPB 5235 Psychological Testing (3 units)
HCP 9005 Personal Psychotherapy (0 units)

Marriage and Family Therapy (28 units)
HPB 5120 Individual Development and Family Life Cycle A (3 units)
HPB 5121 Individual Development and Family Life Cycle B (3 units)
HPB 5126 Cross-Cultural Issues in Counseling (3 units)
HPB 5210 Child Therapy (3 units)
HPB 5215 Marriage and Family Counseling A (3 units)
HPB 5216 Marriage and Family Counseling B (3 units)
HPB 5230 Sexuality (2 units)
HPB 5325 Ethics and the Law (3 units)
HPB 5243 Community Mental Health and Principles of Recovery (3 units)
HPB 5330 Clinical Skills: Partner & Spousal Abuse, Elder Care (2 units)
HPB 9015 Child Abuse Assessment (0 units)

Field Placement (9 units)
HPB 5301 Supervised Field Practicum A (3 units)
HPB 5302 Supervised Field Practicum B (2 units)
HPB 5303 Supervised Field Practicum C (2 units)
HPB 5304 Supervised Field Practicum D (2 units)
HPB 5400 Field Practicum Checkout (0 units)

Final Integrative Project (3 units)
HPB 5350 Final Integrative Project A (1 unit)
HPB 5351 Final Integrative Project B (.5 units)
HPB 5351 Final Integrative Project B (1.5 units)