College of Psychology

College of Psychology

The College of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in counseling psychology, sport psychology, holistic counseling psychology and consciousness and transformative studies. Our PsyD program provides the foundational concepts and guiding principles of scientific psychology, preparing students for licensure as a psychologist. All programs are designed to give you the tools to fulfill your passion and become a leading advocate for social change within the community.

Within each program, you will have access to:

Dedicated faculty are committed to mentoring you through rigorous and challenging courses, and helping you achieve your educational goals. Faculty members are also practitioners, who share their real-world experiences to guide you and support your education.

A comprehensive education in undergraduate and graduate degree programs and PsyD programs provide a solid foundation in your field of study with options for specializations and certifications. Additionally, internships at the university clinics or within the community allow you to gain real-world experience and training.

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