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Master of Business Administration

Available Online

This program is no longer accepting students.

In the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at JFK University, you will learn the innovative leadership, competitive, and team-building skills of an entrepreneur - skills that you can apply whether you are looking to start your own business or advance in your current organization.

JFK University's MBA program also combines study global management practices with a traditional MBA curriculum to prepare you for the challenges of the businesses of tomorrow. And you have the opportunity to customize a specialization that aligns with your career goals.

Your studies will be enriched by faculty who will share their professional expertise and experience and provide you practical, relevant interactive projects and assignments.

Take advantage of the flexibility the programs offers:

  • Admissions that values your work experience. The GMAT is considered but not required.
  • Opportunity to start any quarter.
  • Courses offered online and onsite.
  • Full- and part-time tracks with ability to complete the program in as few as 18 months in full-time track.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing their MBA degree at JFK University will be able to do the following:

  • Devise the means to exploit opportunities presented to various entities and develop solutions to business and organization problems using entrepreneurship and intra-preneurship principles.
  • Apply cross-functional knowledge and critical thinking to analyze and solve problems, prioritize issues, and develop effective responses.
  • Identify strategic stakeholder issues, market structures, and human behavior to frame decision-making within the social, political, and cultural contexts of local and global communities.
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial strategy development and the ability to perform analysis of competitive markets to recommend innovative strategies.
  • Communicate complex analyses, recommendations, strategies, and visions in ways that lead to clarity of purpose and effective decision-making.
  • Employ and apply quantitative techniques and methods in the analysis of real-world business and other situations.
  • Effectively apply elements of leadership to individuals and group dynamics.
  • Identify and analyze the ethical obligations and responsibilities of business and other activities.


Courses (48 total units required)
All courses are 3 units.

BUS 5008 - Operations and Supply Chain Management
BUS 5020 - Financial Management
BUS 5035 - Visionary Leadership and Sustainability
BUS 5040 - Marketing
BUS 5052 - Managerial Economics
BUS 5096 - Accounting for Managers
BUS 5099 - Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
BUS 5151 - Systems Approach to Business Models and Management
BUS 5152 - Management Information Systems in the Digital Enterprise
BUS 5385 - Leading a Global Workforce
BUS 5475 - Organizational Communications and Team Development
BUS 5055 - MBA Capstone: Managing Strategy, Planning, and Innovation

Specializations (one required)
Strategic Management
BUS 5025 - Talent and Human Resource Management
BUS 5315 - Program Metrics and Measurements
BUS 5450 - Emerging Models of Business
BUS 5455 - Design Thinking and Organizational Transformation

Entrepreneurial Leadership
BUS 5037 - Innovation: Manifesting an Idea as a Successful Business
BUS 5263 - Financing New Ventures
BUS 5450 - Emerging Models of Business
BUS 5483 - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

BUS 5030 - Power, Leader Integrity and Conflict Resolution
BUS 5325 - Dispersed Team Dynamics
BUS 5025 - Talent and Human Resource Management
BUS 5460 - Organizational Culture and Emotionally Intelligent Work Environments

Program Management
BUS 5315 - Program Metrics and Measurements
BUS 5320 - Enterprise Relationship Management
BUS 5325 - Dispersed Team Dynamics
BUS 5455 - Design Thinking and Organizational Transformation