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Unique Consciousness Studies Program Expanding through Online Classes

June 23, 2016

JFK University Expands the Unique Consciousness Studies Program Offering Courses Online

PLEASANT HILL, CA - With seeds in the Human Potential Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, the study of consciousness is a pioneering field within academia. Still today, Consciousness Studies is a cutting edge, alternative course of study, existing in only a handful of universities throughout the nation and world. The Consciousness and Transformative Studies (CTS) program at John F. Kennedy University is only one of a handful of accredited Masters in Consciousness Studies programs in the country, but now it stands as a leader in this field with online classes.

The CTS program offers a unique leading-edge interdisciplinary curriculum that has successfully attracted graduate students across a 40-year span. The curriculum draws on three traditional academic disciplines: philosophy, psychology, and religious studies. In addition, it incorporates the new sciences of living systems theory, neuroscience, quantum physics, and cosmology. CTS also addresses cultural perspectives through courses in diversity, myth, ritual and symbol, shamanism, and ancestral consciousness. 

“A rich blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary perspectives inform the study of consciousness,” explains Dr. Karen Jaenke, Program Chair. “The current interest in online Consciousness Studies, along with the technological capability to deliver that curriculum, is a promising trend that will help us with the application of consciousness principles and practices.”

With the findings of neuroscience research, mindfulness practices are becoming mainstream. The business world increasingly recognizes the productive benefits of stress-reduction, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. Google now offers “Search Inside Yourself Leadership,” a two-day mini-course in consciousness studies. The planetary ecological crisis, wide economic disparities, and the emerging global consciousness spawned by Internet technology, are together creating new conditions for humanity to wake up. 

Jaenke reflects on the CTS role at John F. Kennedy University: “Amidst these necessities and possibilities, formal graduate education in consciousness studies can play a vital role in generating conscious leaders who can accelerate consciousness growth across the planet.”