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Berkeley Campus


Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 10 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 6 pm

The John F. Kennedy University Berkeley campus is located in the historic H. J. Heinz building on the corner of Ashby and San Pablo Avenues. The Berkeley campus offers its Museum Studies program, a fast-track cohort program in the MA Counseling Psychology program, and the Expressive Arts and Depth Psychotherapy specializations in the MA Counseling Psychology - Holistic program.

The facility has a computer lab, library, student lounge, and free parking.

Transportation Information

The closest BART station is Ashby, at the corner of Ashby Ave. and Martin Luther King. It is approximately 1.5 miles east of the campus. For more information, visit the BART website or

AC Transit
AC Transit buses that stop at the intersection of San Pablo Avenue and Ashby Avenue near campus include:

  • #80 and #81 on Ashby Avenue (Eastbound #80 and #81 connect to Ashby BART. Westbound #80 connects to El Cerrito Plaza BART. Westbound #81 runs close to the Berkeley Amtrak station. These lines run every 30 minutes until after midnight.)
  • #72, #72M, #72R on San Pablo Avenue (Northbound connects to both El Cerrito and Richmond BART, as well as Richmond Amtrak. Southbound connects to 19th St. and 12th St. BART in Oakland. The #72 buses run frequently, until close to midnight.)
  • #J on Ashby Avenue (Eastbound early evening commuter bus, runs close to North Berkeley BART)

AC Transit buses that stop at the intersection of 7th Street and Anthony (west of Berkeley Bowl, a few blocks from campus) include:

  • #80 and #81 on 7th Street (Southbound turns east onto Ashby, routes as above)
  • #36 on 7th Street (Southbound runs through Emeryville and connects to West Oakland BART. Northbound runs close to Downtown Berkeley BART. This line runs every 30 minutes until after midnight.)

Please check the AC Transit website for complete route information.

The Emery-Go-Round travels from the MacArthur Bart Station and Emeryville Amtrak station and stops near Berkeley Bowl, west of the campus parking lot. Click here for more information.

West Berkeley Shuttle
The West Berkeley shuttle runs in the daytime and early evening, with stops at Potter and 7th (west of campus) and Ashby BART. Click here for more information.

There are Amtrak stations in Berkeley and Emeryville; both are relatively short taxi rides to or from the Berkeley campus. Emery-Go-Round stops at the Emeryville Amtrak station. Click here for Amtrak routes and schedules.

Berkeley Campus