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Make it Matter: Debriefing in Sport Psychology


May 4, 2018 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

When leading an activity or demonstrating a mental skill, the most desired outcome for a consultant is that athletes learn and apply new knowledge. This seminar will dive deeper into the essential step between facilitating and improving performance, which is debriefing. By taking time to review, process, and reflect, consultants help athletes understand their experiences, take ownership of their performance, and identify next steps. Join us to learn the “how to” behind debriefing so you can make it matter with your athletes and teams in mental skills training, team building, and more.

Sport Psychology Professional Development Series
The sport psychology Professional Development Seminars (PDS) are intended to give our students and the community at large an extra perspective of what the world of sport psychology looks like. We bring highly respected professionals from the field to speak on different topics related to sport psychology. These topics could include working with specific populations (endurance athletes, para-athletes, youth and their parents, the Military, coaches, professional athletes, Cirque du Soleil, and performers of all kinds), learning about important psychological concepts in sport (anger and aggression, self-awareness, balance and burnout, motivation, acceptance, commitment, and mindfulness), or learning important entrepreneurial concepts (how much to charge, how to market yourself, how to find a niche, and general facts about running a business). The PDS events also help the students build their network and resource list by connecting with the speakers.