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Anger & PTSD – Building Skills to Have A Resilient Life After the Military


Pleasant Hill - Main University Campus 100 Ellinwood Way
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

June 6, 2018 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Anger is often a large part of a survivor's response to trauma. It is a core piece of the survival response in human beings. Anger helps us cope with life's stresses by giving us energy to keep going in the face of trouble or blocks.

Yet anger can create major problems in the personal lives of those who have experienced trauma and those who suffer from PTSD. One way of thinking is that high levels of anger are related to a natural survival instinct. When faced with extreme threat, people often respond with anger. Anger can help a person survive by shifting his or her focus. The person focuses all of his or her attention, thought, and action toward survival.

Anger is also a common response to events that seem unfair or in which you have been made a victim. Research shows that anger can be especially common if you have been betrayed by others. This may be most often seen in cases of trauma that involve exploitation or violence. The trauma and shock of early childhood abuse often affects how well the survivor learns to control his or her emotions. Problems in this area lead to frequent outbursts of extreme emotions, including anger and rage.

In this month’s East Bay Town Hall Meeting, we will learn more about anger and PTSD and building skills to have a more resilient life after the military.

About the East Bay Town Hall Meetings:
From tradition to trailblazer, this season of East Bay Town Hall Meetings at John F. Kennedy University’s VALOR Center will continue transforming this regional forum into a candid cultural event for veterans and non-veterans alike, with the mix of populations being precisely the secret sauce.

Convening on the first Wednesday of every month, each meeting will continue providing valuable time and space for community conversation and networking. Each event will also commence with a different guest speaker presenting on topics pertinent not only to the veteran community, but to humans in general, generating a sense of focus and vital shared inquiry.

“We have some big stuff going on that’s impacting the way humanity is experiencing the world,” explains VALOR Coordinator Noelle Morra. “These are cultural issues for everyone and they also exist in the military.”

Covering a range of subjects, from LGBTQ topics to yoga to addiction, the Town Hall Meetings serve not only as a vital educational and communicative resource, but also as a cultural switchboard establishing mutually lucrative relations between veterans and their colleagues, teachers, supervisors, family members, and friends, as well as members of the entire East Bay community. If that includes you, see you there!