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Scholarship Opportunities at John F. Kennedy University


A number of scholarship options are available to qualifying students to help fund their future endeavors of making a difference. Scholarships may be awarded to veteran or community college transfer students, or may be awarded based on academic achievement or financial need.

Please review the following list of available scholarships, and contact the financial aid office for more detailed information regarding requirements and application deadlines.

JFKU Alumni have the opportunity to help their friends and colleagues discover their passion and potential with the $500 Alumni Referral Scholarship. Visit here to learn more.

Institutional Scholarship is available to students entering their first year at JFKU in the Fall 2017 term.

  • Scholarships of up to $10,000 for Juris Doctor and PsyD, up to $7,500 for all Master of Arts degree programs and up to $5,000 for all Bachelor of Arts degree programs.
  • To be guaranteed consideration for these scholarships applications must be completed with all required documentation and received by July 28, 2017, for Juris Doctor and August 4, 2017, for all other programs.
  • Completed applications received after August 4, 2017 may be eligible for scholarship consideration pending available funding, please email or call 844-890-6912 to find out more.

Pipeline Grant Scholarship is available to students in the College of Psychology from traditionally underserved populations.

  • Scholarships of $2,000 each
  • No application

Transfer to Triumph Scholarship is available to students transferring from community college.

  • Covers 25% of the first term, and the last two courses of undergraduate degree
  • No application needed

Contra Costa Community College Transfer Scholarship is available to students transferring from a college within the Contra Costa Community College District.

  • Two $5,000-per-year scholarships awarded based on financial aid need

Diversity Student Scholarships are available to current and new students.

  • Scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded
  • Recipients will participate on the Diversity Committee
  • For a copy of the application, click here

Yellow Ribbon Scholarship is available for veteran students.

  • Matching funds for veterans who have 100 percent eligibility from the post-9/11 GI bill®
  • No application needed

Need-based Scholarship is available for all students.

  • Award amount varies based on financial need
  • No application needed

Merit-based Scholarship is available for all students.

  • Award amount varies
  • College deans determine eligibility based on academic performance
  • No application needed

JFKU Partnership Scholarship is available to employees of partnering organizations.

  • A scholarship equivalent to 15% of tuition for undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree programs, as well as continuing education studies. Must provide proof of employment or affiliation with a partnering organization

Seneca Family of Agencies Scholarship

  • A scholarship equivalent to 20% of tuition for undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree programs, as well as continuing education studies
  • No application needed
  • Must provide proof of employment