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MA in Holistic Health Education

The Master of Arts in Health Education at John F. Kennedy University guides students on an in-depth exploration of health that goes far beyond the disease/cure paradigm currently prevailing in Western medicine. Following an evidence-based approach, students examine the various links among the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, and systemic aspects of health, investigating the […]

MA in Holistic Health Education – Holistic Nutrition

The Master of Arts in Health Education at John F. Kennedy University guides students on an in-depth exploration of health that goes far beyond the disease/cure paradigm currently prevailing in Western medicine. Following an evidence-based approach, students examine the various links among the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, and systemic aspects of health, investigating the […]

MA in Counseling Psychology – Holistic – Expressive Arts Specialization

The expressive arts include dance, visual art, music, drama, and poetry. Incorporating expressive arts into psychotherapy allows clients to draw upon the reciprocal relationship between body and mind. The Expressive Arts Specialization takes a Jungian approach, emphasizing the power of the image to bring insight and transformation.

MA in Counseling Psychology – Holistic – Somatic Psychotherapy Specialization

Somatic psychology explores the reciprocal and inseparable relationship between body and psyche. Its most common techniques include bodywork and movement therapy, which trace their roots to traditional Asian movement practices, such as yoga. The Somatic Psychology Specialization is one of the few university programs in the world to offer professional training in psychotherapeutic practice from […]

Sport Psychology Faculty Published in Journals, Books

Sport Psychology Program Chair, Dr. Alison Pope-Rhodius, and Research Director and core faculty member, Megan Byrd, have both been busy adding their voices to the sport psychology literature. Here’s a roundup of their latest contributions. Dr. Pope-Rhodius co-authored the article titled, “The relationship between stress and coping in table tennis,” which was recently published in […]

December Student Newsletter – Winter Registration, Important Dates and Campus Events

Intersession: Get Ahead in Your Program by Enrolling in a Four-Week Intensive Course To learn more about the course offerings for Intersession 17/18. Registration is now open! To register go to – SOAR Student Portal – Search for Classes – 2017 Fall Quarter – Additional Search Criteria – Session – Intersession – Search Classes start […]

Director of the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Speaks Out About Sustainability in Nonprofits

Solomon Belette, Director of the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at John F. Kennedy University, wrote a powerful op-ed piece on the Brentwood Village Resource Center that was recently published in the Contra Costa Times. “In a recent East Bay Times article, Brentwood’s Village Resource Center Gets Reprieve, the community learned about the challenges the organization […]

As U.S. Home Rentals Reach Record Levels, Landlord-Tenant Law Impacts an Increasing Number of Households

For residential renters, California generally and many Bay Area jurisdictions, in particular, boast some of the most robust tenant protections in the country. But what good are these protections if tenants do not even know they exist, let alone how to use them? A diligent tenant will have reviewed closely the terms of his or […]

Community Counseling Center Expands Access to Mental Health Services in Contra Costa County

(NOTE: For more information on the Centers, including how to apply for services, visit www.jfkuccc.org.) Through its Concord Community Counseling Center, JFK University offers important mental-health services for underprivileged individuals in Contra Costa County. This key program is representative of JFK University’s ongoing mission to positively impact the community while educating the next generation of […]

I Take a Hike

The world appears to be tipping sideways since the election. Some say it must break to be set right. I, for one, am frightened. If and when it tips, who will be broken? Cut open?   All of this hums like the refrigerator. I hear it when everything else quiets like four a.m., realizing though, […]

November Student Newsletter – Intersession Enrollment, IDs, Workshops & More

Intersession: Get Ahead in Your Program by Enrolling in a Four-week Intensive Course To learn more about the course offerings for Intersession 17/18, go to www.jfku.edu/intersession Registration is now open! – To register go to https://www.jfku/edu/login/ – SOAR Student Portal – Search for Classes – 2017 Fall Quarter – Additional Search Criteria – Session – […]

Guided Imagery: A Psychotheraputic Tool for Healing and Transformation

Guided imagery, a therapeutic approach that has had a role in healing traditions for millennia, is increasingly being used in a range of disciplines including medicine, sports performance, leadership and the arts. Imagery has particular relevance for the field of psychology since it is like a Rosetta stone that decodes and translates deep undercurrents at […]

MA in Counseling Psychology – Holistic – Depth and Transpersonal Psychotherapy Specialization

Depth Psychotherapy seeks to understand the role of dreams, imagination, archetypes, myth, and ritual in fostering psychological and spiritual well-being. The Depth Psychotherapy Specialization develops students ability to conceptualize psychological complexes within the context of the clinical relationship, as well as to engage clients in dream interpretation.

JFKU Sport Psychology Hosts 2017 AASP West Regional Conference

John F. Kennedy University’s Sport Psychology is hosting the 2017 Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) West Regional Conference. The conference will provide students and professionals with opportunities to learn about current research and creative approaches to the field of Applied Sport Psychology. Presenters include several JFKU alums and professionals as well as three Keynote […]

After Sell-Out Crowd, JFKU to Host Encore Screening of <em>CRAZYWISE</em> Documentary

Popular Film Exploring Indigenous Approaches to Mental Health Crises Comes to San Jose Campus Following the sold-out screening at JFK University&#8217;s Pleasant Hill Campus in July, the documentary feature CRAZYWISE will be returning to JFK University for an encore showing this September. Don&#8217;t miss this rare second opportunity to see the film that compels audiences [&hellip;]

MA in Counseling Psychology &#8211; Holistic

JFK Universitys Master of Arts in Counseling PsychologyHolistic provides the unique opportunity for students to obtain a license-eligible degree from an accredited university while specializing in transpersonal, somatic, or arts-based practices. The program emphasizes a client-centered approach that teaches students to place trust in the clients innate health and inner guiding wisdom.

MA in Counseling Psychology &#8211; Holistic &#8211; Holistic Studies Specialization

The Holistic Studies Specialization offers a hybrid of the programs other specializations, allowing interested students to explore transpersonal, somatic, and arts-based psychotherapeutic practices. The Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology Holistic with a Specialization in Holistic Studies prepares students for careers as psychotherapists with a special emphasis on transpersonal, somatic and arts based [&hellip;]

What Now? A Panel on Immigration Law

On February 25, 2017, the John F. Kennedy University Office of Diversity, College of Law, and Undergraduate Success Center co-sponsored an ImmigrationLaw panel discussion with the Contra Costa County Bar Association&#8217;s Immigration Section. Many students, alum, faculty, and members of the community attended this two-hour panel presentation. The event was moderated by Flavio Carvalho, an [&hellip;]

John F. Kennedy Celebrates the Holidays by Giving Back to the Community

Two of JFKU&#8217;s organizations celebrated the holidays by running collection drives for two important non-profits that serve those in need during this season. The VALOR Center, John F. Kennedy University&#8217;s veteran services program, partnered with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program to collect new, unwrapped toys to be distributed as Christmas gifts [&hellip;]

Community Comes Together for the Holistic Research Symposium

Educators, students, and members of the Holistic community were brought together on Thursday, May 25, 2017 to explore big questions at the Holistic Research Center&#8217;s Research Symposium. Nearly 50 attendees came out to the John F. Kennedy University Berkeley campus to explore topics ranging from internalized stigma to technology and consciousness, featuring presentations from the [&hellip;]

The New Hippocratic Oath

The New Hippocratic oath should be: I will remember that there is an art to medicine as well as a science; and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon&#8217;s knife or the chemist&#8217;s drugs. With this manifesto delivered by Professor Jonathan Halevy as the rallying cry, the 12th annual UNESCO Chair in Bioethics [&hellip;]

Black Law Student Association Hosts Screening of <i>Soul of Justice</i> Documentary

On Feb. 8, 2017, The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) of John F. Kennedy College of Law, in collaboration with Associate Dean and Professor of Law Chris Kanios, began its Black History Month Celebration by hosting a movie night. The selected film was Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson&#8217;s American Journey. Several students of diverse backgrounds [&hellip;]

March Student Newsletter &#8211; Spring Registration, New Student FAQs, Commencement, Computer help and more

Spring Registration is Now Open! Registration for Spring Quarter officially opened last week, and we are thrilled that students are already enrolling in their upcoming courses. All students received an email from the Registrar informing them of the registration period in their SOAR portal as well as instructions on how to register for their courses. [&hellip;]

Consciousness and Transformative Studies Holds Annual Graduation Ritual

On Friday, June 22, 2018 the Consciousness and Transformative Studies program held its graduation ritual to honor its graduating students. In addition to the graduating students, faculty, staff, current students, alumni and family members of graduates were in attendance, representing all constituent groups in the CTS community. Room S108 had been transformed from ordinary classroom [&hellip;]

JFK University Community Counseling Centers Partner with John Muir/Mt. Diablo Community Health Fund to Bring Mental Health Services to East Contra Costa County

The product of a years-long collaboration between the John Muir/Mt. Diablo Community Health Fund and JFK University&#8217;s Community Counseling Centers, the East Contra Costa County Mental Health Initiative (ECCMHI) provides much-needed mental-health services to underserved segments of East Contra Costa County. Through outreach efforts such as the School-Based Program and partnerships with local organizations like [&hellip;]

Sunnyvale Community Counseling Center Delivers Essential Mental Health Services to the South Bay

(NOTE: For more information on the Centers, including how to apply for services, visit www.jfkuccc.org.) For those seeking affordable mental-health care in the South Bay, JFK University&#8217;s Sunnyvale Community Counseling Center (CCC) can be a vital resource. Providing assistance on a variety of mental-health issues in both group and one-on-one settings, the Sunnyvale CCC offers [&hellip;]

JFK University Delivers Mental Health Services to East Contra Costa County

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) Provides a Clinical Roadmap for Helping Families in Need Imagine Maria. Maria is 13 years old and lives with her grandmother and siblings in an apartment in East Contra Costa County. Maria has no contact with her mother or father. Due to Maria&#8217;s behavioral issues, Maria&#8217;s grandmother has threatened repeatedly to [&hellip;]

Harlem Wizards LEAP Fundraiser

Basketball fans are in for an incredible treat when the Sport Psychology program at John F. Kennedy University brings the phenomenal Harlem Wizards team to Northgate High School in Walnut Creek on April 30, 2017 for a unique afternoon of athleticism and good old-fashioned fun. Started in 1962 by New York sports promoter Howie Davis [&hellip;]

MA in Sport Psychology &#8211; Clinical PsyD Dual Degree

For individuals interested in sport psychology and in working in a clinical setting and/or using clinical psychology skills in working with clients, John F. Kennedy University is pleased to offer an innovative program that enables individuals to work toward earning an MA in Sport Psychology and a PsyD degree concurrently. This program provides a unique [&hellip;]