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February Student Newsletter – Looking Up Grades/IDs, Writing Workshops, Career Services & Event Lineup

Welcome Danielle Adams! – New Sport Psychology Academic Counselor Dr. Julie Cosenza did a sterling job guiding Sport Psychology students over the past three months. Thanks Julie! Julie has now passed the baton to Danielle Adams. Welcome Danielle! Danielle is based at the Pleasant Hill campus (Room S202) and she has a Virtual Office listed […]

JFK University Community Counseling Center Offers Counseling to Those Affected by Ghost Ship Fire Tragedy

In light of the horrific tragedy at Oakland’s Ghost Ship Warehouse this weekend John F. Kennedy University’s Community Counseling Centers are offering to provide low or no-cost counseling for anyone affected. “Our thoughts are with the parents, families, and friends of those who lost loved ones in the Ghost Ship fire. We are deeply saddened […]

JFK University Community Counseling Centers Partner with John Muir/Mt. Diablo Community Health Fund to Bring Mental Health Services to East Contra Costa County

The product of a years-long collaboration between the John Muir/Mt. Diablo Community Health Fund and JFK University’s Community Counseling Centers, the East Contra Costa County Mental Health Initiative (ECCMHI) provides much-needed mental-health services to underserved segments of East Contra Costa County. Through outreach efforts such as the School-Based Program and partnerships with local organizations like […]

Sharing Food for Change

Tonya Kent, a John F. Kennedy University student in the JD program, is motivated by kindness to share with members of her community most in need. She splits her time between studying and working to help incarcerated women. Through her own organization Infinite Hope and Restoration, in partnership with other nonprofit organizations, she seeks to […]

Roadmap to Latino Prosperity Forum at JFK University Paves the Way Toward the Future of Latinos and of the United States as a Whole

What exactly is Latino prosperity? According to Mara Perez, Founder of Latino Futures, the think-tank-centered initiative fueling the Latino Prosperity Movement, “Latino prosperity is Latino socio-economic prosperity for the wellbeing of Latinos in the United States and for the country as a whole.” By 2060, 30% of the United States population will be Latino. That […]

Harlem Wizards LEAP Fundraiser

Basketball fans are in for an incredible treat when the Sport Psychology program at John F. Kennedy University brings the phenomenal Harlem Wizards team to Northgate High School in Walnut Creek on April 30, 2017 for a unique afternoon of athleticism and good old-fashioned fun. Started in 1962 by New York sports promoter Howie Davis […]

John F. Kennedy University Introduces JFKu Online Powered by FlexCourse, a Teaching and Learning Platform That Expands Access to a Quality, Affordable Education

FlexCourse offers flexible-paced, faculty-supported online degree programs for $8,500 a year that align with JFK Universitys current offerings; Programs in business, psychology and general studies represent a significant expansion in online education to better serve adult learners Pleasant Hill, Calif.July 9, 2018 To further expand access to a quality, affordable education, John F. Kennedy University […]

Embracing Our Futures as Developing Leaders: The Resilience and Strengths of Young Latinas and Their Families

The Latino culture has become so intertwined with American culture, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart. While some indicators including language still remain to discern a difference, even those markers are being swallowed up as Latinos/as continue to assimilate into this country’s society. While America undoubtedly benefits from the addition of such a vibrant […]

January Student Newsletter – Tutoring Schedule, Work-Study Opportunities & Call for Scholarly Submissions

Book an Appointment with your Academic Counselor! Make sure you are on track with your degree requirements and course plan! Booking an appointment with your Academic Counselor can be done online: Go to https://www.jfku.edu.login – BlackBoard – Office of Student Experience – Meet your Counselor Questions? Contact AcademicCounselor@jfku.edu. For accounting questions contact the accounting office […]

Five Essential Ingredients for Museum Digital Stories and Narratives

Museums are among the greatest storytellers of modern times, so why is storytelling with digital media so complicated? After all, storytelling (digital or not) is still storytelling, but the new flavors of tech are leading to big digital flops in the kitchen. Isn’t there some sort of recipe we can follow? My master’s project, “Beyond […]

Guided Imagery: A Psychotheraputic Tool for Healing and Transformation

Guided imagery, a therapeutic approach that has had a role in healing traditions for millennia, is increasingly being used in a range of disciplines including medicine, sports performance, leadership and the arts. Imagery has particular relevance for the field of psychology since it is like a Rosetta stone that decodes and translates deep undercurrents at […]

Social Styles and Versatility: Turning the Fundraiser into a Relationship-Builder

For the majority of today’s nonprofits, donor acquisition is a reality that constantly has to be addressed, as generous and reliable support is the lifeblood of the average organization. Scouting and identifying prospective donors can become arduous in and of itself, but getting them to buy into your mission – literally and figuratively – often […]

Sport Psychology Seminar Focuses on Para Athletes

For their quarterly professional development seminar in February, JFKU’s Sport Psychology department hosted Dr. Andrea Faull, a sport psychologist and senior lecturer at the University of Worcester whose extensive research and experience working with para athletes is shaping the way the field is adapting to and working with athletes who have physical impairments. With a […]

Community Comes Together for the Holistic Research Symposium

Educators, students, and members of the Holistic community were brought together on Thursday, May 25, 2017 to explore big questions at the Holistic Research Center’s Research Symposium. Nearly 50 attendees came out to the John F. Kennedy University Berkeley campus to explore topics ranging from internalized stigma to technology and consciousness, featuring presentations from the […]

March Student Newsletter – Spring Registration, New Student FAQs, Commencement, Computer help and more

Spring Registration is Now Open! Registration for Spring Quarter officially opened last week, and we are thrilled that students are already enrolling in their upcoming courses. All students received an email from the Registrar informing them of the registration period in their SOAR portal as well as instructions on how to register for their courses. […]

JFK University Serves Up Big Wins for Underserved Students and Bay Area Nonprofits

John F. Kennedy University played host to two successful, high-profile events this week that underscored the University’s push to enhance student support and to broaden its impact in local communities. On Saturday, November 12, JFK University honored Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Maryland’s first woman lieutenant governor and former U.S. deputy assistant attorney general, with the Kennedy […]

The Latino Speaker Series: Inspiration for Underserved Populations

The world is full of stereotypes. They inform decision-making, interactions, even the way people think. Thier place in society may have recently been reopened to debate, but there is no question that some are outdated, unfounded, or just plain wrong. The Latino Speaker Series was created in part to eliminate the negative stereotypes surrounding the […]

Bridging the Gap between Nutrition and Psychology

John F. Kennedy University is paving the way for formal education in a new area of study that lies between the disciplines of nutrition and psychology. Nutritional Psychology is an applied discipline that provides mental health professionals with psycho-educational tools to support client mood, behavior, and well-being. While Nutritional Psychology utilizes research findings and science […]

John F. Kennedy University Top Minds: Professor Ora Prochovnick

Housing Tenants Rights Professor Ora Prochovnick teaches in the College of Law, JD Program at JFKU. In this video Professor Ora discusses Landlord Tenants rights. I’m Ora Prochovnick, professor at the College of Law, and Director of Clinical and Public Interest Law Programs. Landlord tenant rights are a really compelling issue right now, in that […]

JFK University Introduces Trauma Studies Certificate Program Starting Fall 2017

Beginning in the Fall 2017 term, JFK University College of Psychology will be offering a specialized Trauma Studies Certificate Program. Available in either one or two-year courses of study, the Trauma Studies Certificate Program will benefit professionals in a wide range of fields whose work brings them into contact with those who have experienced trauma. […]

Graduate Certificate in Sport Psychology

JFK University’s Graduate Certificate in Sport Psychology is designed to provide psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and mental skills coaches the necessary coursework required by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) for certification as a consultant. This certificate also gives athletes, coaches, trainers, and others in the sport and fitness arenas an introduction to […]

John F. Kennedy Celebrates the Holidays by Giving Back to the Community

Two of JFKU’s organizations celebrated the holidays by running collection drives for two important non-profits that serve those in need during this season. The VALOR Center, John F. Kennedy University’s veteran services program, partnered with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program to collect new, unwrapped toys to be distributed as Christmas gifts […]

Patient No More Exhibition at John F. Kennedy University

A new traveling exhibit, “Patient No More,” uncovers the stories behind a turbulent April in 1977, when people with disabilities successfully launched protests across the nation to get Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 signed into law. Section 504 made it illegal for any federally funded facilities or programs to discriminate against people […]

December Student Newsletter – Winter Registration, Important Dates and Campus Events

Intersession: Get Ahead in Your Program by Enrolling in a Four-Week Intensive Course To learn more about the course offerings for Intersession 17/18. Registration is now open! To register go to – SOAR Student Portal – Search for Classes – 2017 Fall Quarter – Additional Search Criteria – Session – Intersession – Search Classes start […]

Community Counseling Center Expands Access to Mental Health Services in Contra Costa County

(NOTE: For more information on the Centers, including how to apply for services, visit www.jfkuccc.org.) Through its Concord Community Counseling Center, JFK University offers important mental-health services for underprivileged individuals in Contra Costa County. This key program is representative of JFK University’s ongoing mission to positively impact the community while educating the next generation of […]

Associate of Arts in General Studies

Gain a solid liberal arts foundation for future educational and career opportunities in the on-demand online Associate of Arts in General Studies program. Expand your perspective and create awareness of the key forces of societal change: social, cultural, historical, economic, political, and technological. *Pending WSCUC approval.

John F. Kennedy University Top Minds: Dr. Charles Burack & Dr. Karen Jaenke

The Writings of Eckhart Tolle Dr. Charles Burack is a professor in the College of Psychology and Dr. Karen Jaenke is the chair of Consciousness and Transformative Studies at JFKU. In this video, the two professors discuss the importance of Tolle’s teachings and the benefits of being present and quieting the chattering mind. Charles Burack: […]

November Student Newsletter – Intersession Enrollment, IDs, Workshops & More

Intersession: Get Ahead in Your Program by Enrolling in a Four-week Intensive Course To learn more about the course offerings for Intersession 17/18, go to www.jfku.edu/intersession Registration is now open! – To register go to https://www.jfku/edu/login/ – SOAR Student Portal – Search for Classes – 2017 Fall Quarter – Additional Search Criteria – Session – […]

Sunnyvale Community Counseling Center Delivers Essential Mental Health Services to the South Bay

(NOTE: For more information on the Centers, including how to apply for services, visit www.jfkuccc.org.) For those seeking affordable mental-health care in the South Bay, JFK University’s Sunnyvale Community Counseling Center (CCC) can be a vital resource. Providing assistance on a variety of mental-health issues in both group and one-on-one settings, the Sunnyvale CCC offers […]