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Student Orientation FAQs

Q: Where do I buy textbooks and readers for my classes?
A: The University’s online bookstore is MBS Direct. Links to the online bookstore are available under “Useful Links” on this page or from the Express system, or by calling (800) 325-3252. Readers are available through Copy Central – see “Useful Links” on the right to link to their site.

Q: Where can I get a student ID?
A: Enrolled students can obtain a student ID card in the Registration Office, Room S212 of the Pleasant Hill campus, Tuesdays and Thursdays, noon – 4:30 p.m., or by appointment during regular business hours. San Jose and Berkeley campuses also have photo ID services; contact the Campus Director for details.

Q. How and when do I pay the amount due for tuition?
A.  The University's policies and procedures for tuition payment are available for downloading from the link on the right side of this page.

Q: Where can I find information about University policies and procedures?
A: You can find policies and procedures in the General Information section of the University Catalog. Click here to view and download the University's most recent catalog. You can also obtain a copy of the catalog in the Registration Office. The General Information section contains the “Academic Policies and Procedures” which has details on how and when to drop a class and much more.

Q: How can I find help with writing papers for my classes?
A: Help is available from the Academic Support Center. They offer many workshops as well as individual writing help. Swing by their office in room S313 or contact them by phone or email: 925.969.3530 or

Q: Where can I find the class schedule so I know when and where my classes meet?
A: The class schedule is available on this site by going to “Students” and then “Current Students” .Printed copies of the class schedule are available for viewing in the Registrar’s Office, and in the Student Services Offices on the San Jose and Berkeley campuses.

Q: I’m a student with a disability, but I don’t really know if I need any help in any way. Where do I start?
A: Students who need accommodations for a disability must register with the Office of Disability Services for Students (ODS). Students will need to complete an intake interview and provide sufficient documentation of the disability. All information is kept confidential. Appointments can be arranged at all campuses. To schedule an appointment, please call 925-969-3362 or email

Q: If I have to take some time off of school, who do I talk to and is that allowed?
A: If you plan to take a leave-of-absence (LOA), you must file a petition for an approved LOA with your advisor. University policy requires continuous enrollment. The LOA form may be downloaded from the JFK University website or obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

Q: What can I join?
A: JFK University has an active Student Government Board. Each college has representatives on the Board and welcomes new members. Contact for more information.

Q: What is Continuing Education; is that graduate school?
A: Continuing Education offers post-graduate courses for licensed professionals, including psychologists, MFTs, LPCCs, LCSWs, and RNs. The calendar of upcoming courses is available under ‘Continuing Education’ on the website. For more information or to sign up to receive the CE catalog, email

Q: What kind of careers does my program lead into?
A: The Career Center offers resources and assistance with resume, cover letter and job search techniques, while the program departments will be the source for information on particular career fields relating to that academic program. Email or call 925-969-3542 for more information.

Q: What library services are available to me and how do I access them?
A: Librarians at our Pleasant Hill, Berkeley and San Jose campuses are available to assist you with your research needs in person, by phone, email or online chat.

Students have remote and on-site access to our rapidly growing collection of over 85,000 e-books and online journal titles, and 50 databases.
Please visit our website to learn more about the libraries and our services: Or, contact us at 925-969-3109, or

Q: Who can I go to for academic guidance in my program?
A: Your advisor will be able to help you plan. All graduate and undergraduate students should contact their program chair to be assigned an advisor.


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