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Law Academic Support

JFK University's College of Law is dedicated to providing an Academic Support Program (ASP) that is responsive to students' needs. Its goal is to improve students' understanding of the most challenging subject matter through an interactive learning environment.

The program focuses on Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law for 1Ls, on Real Property, Civil Procedure and/or Evidence for 2Ls, and on Constitutional Law for 3Ls. ASP for 4Ls addresses exam writing and multiple choice testing skills with a particular focus on Bar preparation.

For 1L-3Ls, ASP has three opportunities for learning: Saturday workshops, Teaching Assistant (TA) review sessions, and practice examinations.

  • The Saturday workshops are periodically offered for Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure, Evidence, and/or Real Property. These sessions are led by an experienced master teacher and are designed to provide students with issue spotting and writing assistance in discrete areas of the law. The Saturday workshops include a practice exam. Students may turn their practice exams in for written feedback on their examination performance.
  • The TA review sessions are led by a student teaching assistant and focus on material selected by the master teachers.
  • Practice Exam sets are from past JFK University law courses and past California Bar Exams in most subject areas. Past law exams (with answers) are available online or in the law library. Past California Bar exam sets are available in the law school office, with Bar-published answers available from the library.


John F. Kennedy University is an affiliate of the National University System.