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APA Guidelines

John F. Kennedy University uses APA style format for most written papers. We produce a free handbook, APA Guidelines, available in our centers and in campus libraries. You may also download it from the top left right corner of this page. For most of your papers at John F. Kennedy University, this handbook will provide all you need to satisfy your instructors' APA requirements. However, sometimes you’ll have questions that aren’t answered in this handbook, and you may need to turn to other resources.

The Academic Support Center distributes additional handouts and operates an APA Style hotline: just call 925.969.3530 or email us at with a specific question and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. For more immediate help, you can pop into the library and ask a reference librarian. For major projects—like long research papers, senior projects, master's theses, and dissertations—you will want to consult the original manual, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (sixth edition) or the Concise Rules of APA Style (sixth edition). They contain more extensive examples and detail all the finer points of APA style. You can find them in the library or order them online at



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