John F. Kennedy University


Students are the
number one priority at
JFK University.

For nearly 50 years, JFK University has been committed to supporting the educational needs of lifelong learners.

At John F. Kennedy University, we realize that you have a lot going on in your life outside the classroom, so we provide an abundance of resources and personalized attention to support your academic efforts as we collaborate with you to achieve your professional goals.

Academic support is available through the Academic Support Center, Learning Resource Centers, and the College of Law's  Academic Support Program. The Office of Disability Services provides academic accommodations that range from assistive listening devices and books in accessible formats to tape recorders, note-taking assistance, interpreters for the deaf, and testing accommodations.

John F. Kennedy University's Career Center offers career counseling, career advice sessions, workshops, assessment, assistance with job searches, and alumni career connections.

Information from our Financial Aid Office can help you decide the best way to invest in your future at John F. Kennedy University.

Computer labs are located at each of our Pleasant Hill, Berkeley, and San Jose  campuses, with wireless networks also available for accessing the internet via your own laptop computer. Each campus also offers library services, but you also can access our extensive library catalog online.

We also have an Office of the Ombudsman to ensure that every member of the John F. Kennedy University community receives fair and equitable treatment in support of a positive learning environment. Our policy on Conflict Resolution, coupled with our Student Conduct Code, help to ensure a safe and welcoming environment on all our campuses. Copies of these policies can be found in the "Current Students" and "Student Services" sections.