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Yummy Fresh Farms


…The Idea
Yummy Fresh Farms, LLC is an urban farming business that uses aquaponics technology and other organic farming methods to grow food that is healthy, fresh, and delicious and is locally grown in an environmentally sound way with a business model that benefits the local economy.

…The Business
Yummy Fresh Farms, LLC uses an innovative technology called aquaponics, an ecological method of food production in which fish and plants are raised together in a symbiotic ecosystem. Fish waste fertilizes the plants while plants filter the water for the fish. Aquaponics is a highly fruitful and efficient method of food production that is ideal for growing in urban and suburban environments where space is scarce. We would like to make fresh, healthy, organic food accessible to people in urban communities, with minimal environmental impact. We plan to grow herbs, salad greens, and various fruits and vegetables, as well as raise fish. We will sell our products to other businesses, such as restaurants and grocery stores, as well directly to consumers via farmers’ markets and community supported agriculture (CSA) networks. Furthermore, we plan to provide an array of education and community outreach programs as part of our comprehensive strategy for growing healthier, more sustainable communities.

…The Founder
Lloyd Minick is a student and entrepreneur with a deep passion for sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Lloyd is originally from Austin, Texas, but currently resides in Berkeley, California while completing his Master of Arts program in Integral Psychology, with specializations in Leadership and Entrepreneurship, from John F. Kennedy University. Once graduated, Lloyd will return to Austin to work full time at growing his business, Yummy Fresh Farms, LLC.