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Healthy Food in Schools


…The Idea
Study after study show what educators have long believed to be true: when children’s basic nutritional and fitness needs are met, they have the cognitive energy to learn and achieve.

Healthy Food in Schools (HFiS) aims to raise awareness of the importance of nutritious food to help children reach optimal health. We inspire families and support schools with facilitation and integration of the most up-to-date practices, enabling a child’s academic success, leading to a healthier lifestyle and brighter future.

…The Business
We intend to provide program development assistance and facilitate implementation with financial and technical support. The Healthy Food in Schools program unites students, teachers, parents, administrators, policy makers, food service directors, community members, nonprofit organizations, agriculturalists, and food distributors with the aim of “greening” school lunch programs and developing a model for school districts across the nation. We aim to create a healthy food program where students will eat and enjoy the healthy food and prevent the waste and consumption of junk foods.

Healthy Food in Schools envisions a nation where no child will ever be the victim of poor nutrition, obesity, diabetes and neglect.

Healthy Food in Schools first reached out to Mt. Diablo and Berkeley School Districts, where the first ideas were formed and models created. We are working closely with the world renowned nutrition departments of UC Davis and UC Berkeley to apply their extensive research to implementing cost effective, workable solutions to these real-world school nutrition problems.

…The Founder
Motivated by a near death medical experience in 2008, Jerry Hart, Founder and Executive Director of Healthy Food in Schools, began his quest to raise awareness of childhood obesity and related medical problems that arise as the consequences of what we eat in our youth. Jerry’s extensive background of radio morning show broadcasting experience, including San Francisco’s KIIS F.M., enables him to lead the conversation of our health pandemic and the war on nutrition across America.