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Since our launch in 2011, the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership has helped over 200 Entrepreneurs to collectively create or grow businesses that have generated nearly $1.9 billion in revenues and are employing over 7,500 people in 2014. These are a few of their stories.

Argent Associates, Inc.
Beatriz Manetta, President and CEO
A supply chain and technology services company that delivers real-time information, increases security, introduces process efficiencies, and delivers high quality products and services while protecting the environment. Read more...

DataPhysics Research
Steve Douglas, CEO
A technology company that has developed an innovative visual solution to enable radiologists to more effectively analyze radiologic data and better communicate exam results. Read more..

Clean Tech Industries, Inc.
John Sanchez, CEO
A group of small companies that offer green training, education, and human resources solutions. Read more...

Prima Jiva
Salma Schempp, Founder and Designer
A high-end fashion firm offering a unique line of clothing that combine comfort, versatility and elegance and are made from high-quality and eco-conscious fabrics. Read more…

Yummy Fresh Farms, LLC
Lloyd Minick, Founder
An urban farming business that uses aquaponics technology and other organic farming methods to grow food that is healthy, fresh, and delicious. Read more...