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Post-traumatic stress disorders and other trauma-related disorders are growing in the population of war veterans as well as those who have been exposed to other forms of violence and abuse. In this program you’ll gain up-to-date training in how to work with diverse populations affected by wide-ranging traumatic experiences, including chronic interpersonal and/or community violence, sexual abuse and combat trauma. You’ll also learn about different assessment and treatment considerations to be used in special populations, e.g. children, adolescents, adults, women and Veterans. You’ll gain a fundamental understanding of how trauma can affect personality, brain structure and the human psyche. Through evidence-based assessments and treatment considerations developed for trauma-victims, learn how to improve your practice and give your clients the most effective treatment and informed interventions possible.

Courses Currently Available

Elective course
Resolving Trauma and PTSD with Guided Imagery

Elective course
Trauma and Education: Clinical Tools To Treat Neurocognitive Impacts of PTSD on Learning

Elective course
Sex, Lies and Survival: Repairing Primary Attachment Trauma By Any Means Necessary

Elective course
15-Hour Crisis & Trauma Counseling

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