John F. Kennedy University

Online Courses

JFK University's Continuing Education Division is pleased to offer a variety of online courses to meet licensing requirements and to provide the opportunity to explore current topics in the mental health field from the comfort of your office or home.

Below is a list of current online courses. As new courses are continually in development. check back for updates.  Also be sure to check out the online policies and login pages for details.

Online Courses
6-Hour Clinical Supervision Training: Laws, Regulations & Supervision Basics
6-Hour Clinical Supervision Training: Difficult Situations, Vicarious Traumatization & Cross-Cultural Issues
Deepening Legal & Ethical Understanding in Professional Practice
7-Hour Spousal/Partner Abuse Assessment, Detection & Intervention
15-Hour Chemical Dependency Training
15-Hour Clinical Supervision Training
15-Hour Crisis and Trauma Counseling
15-Hour Spousal/Partner Abuse Assessment, Detection & Intervention
Applications of Clinical Hypnosis in Mind-Body Medicine
CBT: The Fundamental Skills
CBT: The Essential Interventions
Child Abuse Assessment, Reporting & Treatment
Effects of Nutrition on Clinical Disorders
EMDR Video Library
Individual Education Program (IEP) Basics: Understanding Your Role in the IEP Process
Integrating Nutritional Psychology into Clinical Practice
Legal & Ethical Issues in Clinical Supervision
The New DSM-5: Changes You Need to Know for Your Practice
Nutritional Psychology: An Introduction
Nutritional Psychology Tools: Assessment and Macronutrient Remediation
Psychological Testing (3 units)
Psychopharmacology (3 units)
Sugar and Emotion