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Prima Jiva

…The Idea
Utilizing the gift of nature such as fibers, textures and colors to design and create a unique line of clothing for sophisticated and accomplished women. Prima Jiva supports a life style brand with a fresh new concept and a unique fit that is flattering to all body types. The pieces can be worn from the comfort of yoga and resort, to an elegant evening out.

…The Business
Prima Jiva is a high-end fashion firm based in Walnut Creek, California, founded by Salma Schempp in 2008. Its mission is to design and deliver a unique line of clothing that is strongly committed to a classic and timeless trend. Only high-quality and eco-conscious fabrics are used to create fashions that combine comfort, versatility and elegance.

…The Founder
Salma Schempp (Designer) is an American citizen born in Kabul, Afghanistan. For many years a lover of both fashion and travel, Salma has been influenced by women in cosmopolitan centers, resort areas and in the humblest of situations who adorn themselves creatively in flowing, comfortable garments. In 2008 Salma decided to launch her own clothing collection that embraces her passion of art. Salma’s first show was a success and featured only 8 designs. It was held at her own home to a small group of people. She sold 28 pieces that night and has since expanded to offer her collection in Bay Area specialty shops and most recently, in New York.

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