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DataPhysics Research

…The Idea
DataPhysics Research (DPR) has developed Intuitive Visualization technology that will cut MRI, CT and PET-CT healthcare image studies’ post processing time by almost half.

…The Business
Somewhat similar to how MapQuest (used in geographic navigation) operates, DPR’s software links disparate textual patient information to elements (e.g. organs) within the radiologic digital images. This aggregated data is then orchestrated into information which can be used by radiologists and referring physicians at the patient’s point of care. DPR’s innovative visual solution will allow radiologists to more effectively analyze radiologic data and better communicate exam results. This will reduce diagnostic errors, shorten report turnaround times and lower costs of performing the exams.

…The Founder
Steve Douglas is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO, who has spent 35 years in technology which includes 17 years in healthcare IT. During that time, he installed IT based products at over 80 healthcare providers. He has been involved in prior startups as CEO, COO, and CIO. During his 10 years working at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, he managed multiple software development and end user support teams. He has also worked at the Wall Street firms of Hambrecht and Quist and Montgomery Securities and as a turnaround CEO of a Life Sciences company developing biomarker diagnostic technologies.

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