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Advanced Track Certificate Program
Students applying for the Advanced Program track will be carefully screened to ensure they have the passion, essential skills, and a clear idea of the business venture they want to pursue. Because of the nature of the program, it is essential that prospective student-entrepreneurs have a strong desire to succeed and scale existing businesses and a commitment to employ others in our surrounding communities. The program, in turn provides the necessary tool-kit and access to capital and other requisite resources for students to be effective in their respective venture.

Individuals wishing to apply to this track must complete and submit the Advanced Track Application form. The IEL program committee will review each application as it is submitted and will respond with program admittance notification to each applicant within five business days of application receipt.

If accepted, student-entrepreneurs will be expected to complete and submit an IEL Enrollment Form along with payment as determined by the payment option selected.

Advanced program track applicants are encouraged to contact the IEL Director or IEL faculty should you have any questions about screening program and accelerator criteria as it relates to your business.

Application Fee: $40.00

Advanced Program Fee: $3,800 (includes Certificate program, mentorship, and Business Accelerator resource fee)

10% Discounts are available for JFK University alumni/faculty/students/staff and IEL partner members.

Financial Aid and Payment
Financial aid and scholarships are available.  Click here for financial aid information and forms or contact the Financial Aid office at 925.969. 3385.  A scholarship application form is available for downloading under 'Related Downloads' on the right sidebar.

Students enrolling in the any of the Certificate tracks are provided the option of paying the tuition fee in three installments. Please contact the Continuing Education department directly at 925-969-3150 for complete information and to take advantage of this payment option.

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