John F. Kennedy University

About IEL

The Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (IEL) is an initiative of John F. Kennedy University that is designed to stimulate and scale entrepreneurship and job creation in the Bay Area. Underscored by a robust cross-sector partnership IEL strives to improve our local economic, environmental, and social well-being, one student-entrepreneur and one business at a time.

IEL provides a full range of training, education, consulting, advising, mentoring, pathways to resources and capital, and networking opportunities that support the new and emerging entrepreneur. IEL is centered in JFK University’s Continuing and Extended Education division and serves as a primary educational partner for the entire university community and to local public, private, and nonprofit communities. IEL works with businesses, investors, policy makers, foundations, academic, and student-entrepreneurs to design, develop, and grow new and emerging ventures that are focused on creating local job opportunities and sustainable enterprises to meet the local needs across a variety of major and niche industries and sectors.

IEL aims to:

  • Provide knowledge, capital, and access to local communities through a diverse set of experiential education, workforce training, and partnership initiatives;
  • Enhance opportunities and potential for promising Bay Area entrepreneurs to create new jobs and to position themselves for greater success;
  • Re-skill industry for the increasing Green Economy labor demands through real-time workforce training and learning labs;
  • Allow Contra Costa and surrounding counties to “Grow our Own” entrepreneurs and industry workforce by providing a coordinated, interdisciplinary portfolio of resources and tools;
  • Model a blueprint for success and scalability adaptable to other regions and locales.