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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - EMDR

Discover Affordable EMDR Training in Berkeley (San Francisco Bay Area)

John F. Kennedy University Continuing Education Division is pleased to provide Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) training for psychotherapists.

EMDR Part I & II
Combined with 10 hours of approved consultation, our Part I and Part II classes comprise an EMDR Basic Training approved by the EMDR International Association. Each part includes approximately 10 hours of lecture, videos, and discussion and 10 hours of practicum, in which participants have the opportunity to practice what they are learning under the supervision of trained facilitators.

Cost: EMDR Part I & II: $470 each.
Required 10 hours of consultation: $35/hr (read more about this below)

Instructor: Philip Manfield, Ph.D.
Dr. Philip Manfield has been involved in EMDR training worldwide for nearly two decades and is the author or editor of three internationally acclaimed books about EMDR.

Participants who complete this EMDR Basic training will receive a certificate of completion, and will be eligible for clinical membership in EMDRIA.

Because of the popularity of these courses, we are able to offer each 20-hour course at an affordable rate of $470 each. Nevertheless, if economic or other unavoidable factors prevent a participant from attending Part II of the course immediately after Part I, he or she may take Part II at a later date. Certain other EMDR Part I trainings will be accepted as meeting the prerequisite to taking this Part II.

The basic EMDR training is intended for experienced therapists. Graduate and doctorate level students must be in the internship portion of their academic program and on a licensing track under the supervision of a fully licensed mental health professional in order to enroll.

In July 2007, the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) revised the requirements for basic training in EMDR. In order to be EMDR trained, students must now complete Part I & Part II of the Basic EMDR Training and 10 hours of consultation. Participants can select from a wide variety of consultation possibilities (scheduled and paid separately) in the form of five monthly two-hour group sessions for $60 per session or 10 one-hour group telephone sessions meeting every other week for $35 per session. Times will be arranged at Part I of the training.  Fees for the consultation hours are paid directly to the consultant(s).

EMDR: Bridge Course
Practitioners, who took an approved EMDR Part I class before the new EMDRIA standards took effect in July 2007, can bring their training up to current standards by taking a 4-hour EMDR Bridge Course before or after taking the Part II training that is currently offered. These courses, together with the required 10 hours of group consultation, will enable practitioners to receive an EMDR International Association approved certificate of completion. The cost of the EMDR Bridge Course is $150; time and place are to be announced. For additional information or to register, please contact the instructor directly through his website under 'Useful Links' on the right sidebar. Please note: This bridge course is offered by Philip Manfield and is not an official JFKU-CE course. BBS CE credit will be available through Dr. Manfield directly. Please contact him for details. 

EMDR: Theory & Techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing - Part I

EMDR: Theory & Techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing - Part II

EMDR with Children and Adolescents

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