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Eating Disorders

All Continuing Education Certificate courses may be taken as either certificate courses or as stand-alone Continuing Education courses. Prerequisites must be observed.

The occurrence of eating disorders has increased at an alarming rate with subclinical issues arising as concerns in treatment, such as obsessive exercise, weight preoccupation, and body image disturbance. This eating disorders certificate provides the knowledge and skills to effectively treat individuals who struggle with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other eating problems. Core courses cover assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, while electives address different modalities of treatment and the application of theory to practice.

"I was able to work full time while completing this flexible program. It is useful in my everyday practice as an MFT and helped me attain a Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) from American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders. I would highly recommend this program to any student who wants to expand their knowledge and understanding of Eating Disorders."
- Lara Windett, LMFT, CAS

Certificate Requirements: A total of seven courses are required, including three core courses and four electives.  New electives will be available in each catalog and different core courses are offered throughout the year.

Core Courses

  1. Assessment and Diagnosis of Eating Disorders
  2. Treatment Issues in Eating Disorders
  3. Medical and Physiological Aspects of Eating Disorders

Courses Currently Offered:

Elective Course
Yoga for Clients with Eating Disorders

Elective Course
Archetype, Myth, Symbol, and Ritual for Recovery from Eating Disorders

Elective Course
Somatic Expressive Arts and SoulCollage Interventions to Re-image the Body and Self in Eating Disorder Recovery

Elective Course
Recovery, Relapse, and Recurrence

Core Course
Treatment Issues in Eating Disorders

Elective Course
Personality Constructs in Individuals with Eating Disorders

Elective Course
Eating Disorders: Modalities of Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment

Core Course
Medical and Physiological Aspects of Eating Disorders

Elective Course
Eating Disorders: Dual Diagnosis Issues

Discount Available. Enroll in three onsite classes together and receive 10 percent off each class.

Certificate Series Enrollment
The certificate program enrollment fee is $35. Please submit a Certificate Program Enrollment form on or before registering for your third course in the series. You will have three years to complete your course work from the date of your enrollment. Click here to submit your Certificate Program Enrollment online or use the downloadable enrollment form available under "Related Downloads" on the right side of this page.

Certificate Series Completion
After you have completed the all the courses needed to fulfill the certificate requirements, please complete and submit a Certificate Verification form, available under “Related Downloads” on the right side of this page or send an email to Please allow six weeks for your course work to be reviewed and a certificate to be issued to you.

Frequently Asked Questions are available under "Related Downloads" on the right side of this page.