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Course Calendar


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PH = Pleasant Hill Campus SJ = San Jose Campus B = Berkeley Campus O = Online OC = Off Campus

May 2016
6 PH Assessment & Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
7 B Integrating Spirituality into Psychotherapy
7 B Psychological Resiliency, Coping & Guided Imagery
7 PH Empowering Clients with Chronic Illness & Disability: Best Practices
7 PH Integrated Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT): An Effective Evidence-Based Therapy for OEF/OIF Veterans & Their Partners
13 PH DBT Level II - The Four Skills Modules
13-15 B EMDR: Theory & Techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing - Part II
14 PH Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT): Helping Couples Form a Secure Attachment Bond
20 PH Finding Balance: Legal & Ethical Issues of Boundaries & Privacy in Psychotherapeutic Services
20-21 B Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT): Using Mindfulness & Values to Create Positive Life
21 PH Integrated Healthcare: Bridging the Access Gap for Transitional Age Youth
27-28 SJ Trans & Genderqueer Clinical Issues: Evaluation & Treatment
June 2016
4 B Affect Regulation & Somatic Attachment
9-11 PH EMDR: Theory & Techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing – Part I
10-11 SJ Expressive Arts with Children
10 B Law & Ethics in Clinical Supervision: Fundamentals
17 B Helping Clients Get the Change They Want: Co-Constructing Goal Building Conversations
25 B Mindfulness-Based Therapies for Anxiety & Stress
July 2016
9 B Energy Psychology: Mind/Body Techniques for Emotional Management
15 B Motivational Interviewing Part I: An Introduction
16 B Contemporary Behavioral Principles for Clinicians
21 B EMDR: Theory & Techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing – Part II
22-23 B Art Therapy with Traumatized Teens
29 PH CBT with Children & Adolescents
29 SJ Law & Ethics in Clinical Supervision: Fundamentals
29-30 SJ Hakomi I
30 PH Radical Compassion: Introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)
August 2016
6 B Advanced Clinical Work with Transgender Clients
11-14 B Integration – Esoteric Healing, Part II: The Science of Healing Through the Energy Field Utilizing Spiritual Healing Principles
12 B Motivational Interviewing Part II: Increasing Skillfulness
13 B EMDR Resourcing with Children
13 PH Foundations of Adult Development: Aging & The Older Adult Population
19 PH 6-Hour Deepening Legal & Ethical Understanding in Professional Practice
19-20 OC Equestrian Facilitated Psychotherapy with Unique Populations: Autism Spectrum
20 B EMDR with Children & Adolescents
26-27 B Deepening Imagery with Expressive Arts
26-27 OC Eating Disorders: Modalities of Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment
September 2016
9 B Strength-Based Therapy: Incorporating Client Strengths into Clinical Practice
10 B Resolving Complex Grief
10 B Somatic Imagery to Relieve Stress & Anxiety
17 PH Assessment & Treatment of Mental Illness in Older Adults
17 B Narratives to Resolve Trauma
17 B Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy: Introduction
23 B Law & Ethics in Clinical Supervision: A Deeper Look
24 B Compassion-Focused Therapy for Shyness & Social Anxiety Disorder