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Course Calendar


Please scroll down to review the courses offered each month.  Click here for a list of the online courses available year round.

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PH = Pleasant Hill Campus SJ = San Jose Campus B = Berkeley Campus OC = Off Campus

September 2015
25 B Legal & Ethical Issues in Clinical Supervision
25 SJ Bullying/Cyberbullying: How to Recognize the Warming Signs and Intervene
25-26 PH Eating Disorders: Dual Diagnosis Issues
26 PH Family Therapy for Clients on the Autism Spectrum
26 B Compassion-Focused Therapy for Shyness and Social Anxiety Disorder
October 2015
2 PH Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD: An Overview
2, 23 PH CBT Case Formulation
3 B Clinical Applications of Deep Imagination - Level I
3 PH Mindfulness-Based Therapies for Children & Adolescents
9-10 SJ Facilitate Self-Discovery Through Drama Therapy
9-10 PH The Spirituality of Eating Disorders: A Holistic Approach


Therapy with Transgender Clients
16 PH Screening and Assessment of Cognition and the Dementias
16-18 B EMDR: Theory & Techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing - Part I
17-18 OC Theoretical Foundations of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy
23 PH Effective Care for ASD: Redefining the Therapist's Role
23 SJ 6-Hour Law & Ethics
23-24 PH Assessment & Diagnosis of Eating Disorders
24 PH The Art and Science of Process Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy
30 B Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): An Introduction
31 PH The Changing World of Insurance: What EVERY Therapist Needs to Know
November 2015
6 PH Implementing Prolonged Exposure Therapy
6-7 B Unveiling the Hidden Self: Hope and Healing through Drama Therapy
6-7 SJ Cultivating Happiness: A Buddhist Approach to Mental Health and Well Being
7 PH A Sensory Motor Approach to ASD
7 PH ACT for Problematic Anger
13 PH Law and Ethics in Clinical Supervision: Fundamentals
13 B Helping Clients Through Divorce
14 B The Therapist's Role in Reducing Childhood Obesity
14 PH Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy
14 B Developing Resilient Learners: Treating Education Problems in Children and Adolescents with PTSD
20 B Teaching Mindfulness Meditation to Clients
20-21 SJ Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapies
20-21 PH Rosen Method in Holistic Studies
December 2015
4 PH Applying Evidence-Based Psychological Treatments with Older Adults
4 PH Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD: Case Discussion
4 B DBT Level II - The Four Skills Modules
5 B Dream Work in Clinical Practice
11 B 3-Hour Learning from Mistakes: What Malpractice Cases Teach Mental Health Professionals
11-12 B Expressive Arts and Drama Therapy for Youth with Special Needs
11-12 PH Critic Meets Compassion: Facilitating Integration Through Experiential Methods
11-13 B EMDR: Theory & Techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing - Part II
January 2016
8 PH Social Skills for Adolescents on the Spectrum
8 SJ Internet Addiction: Common Seductions That Adults Face
9 B Guided Imagery for Resolving Pain and Insomnia
9 B Resolving Trauma and PTSD with Guided Imagery
14 - Feb. 25 B Drama Therapy
15-16 SJ Embodied Writing
16 PH Military Culture: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals
22 PH 6-Hour Law and Ethics
22-23 SJ Process Painting for Clinicians
22-23 PH Challenges & Rewards of Working with Longer-Term Eating Disorders
29-30 B Art-Based Dreamwork
30 PH  Assessment and Treatment of Mental Illness in Older Adults
February 2016
 5  PH Managing the Treatment of Adults on the Autism Spectrum: What Happens After High School?
 5-6  PH  At the Intersection of Trauma and Eating Disorders
 6  SJ  Writing from the Inside Out: The Healing Power of Journaling
12  PH  Assessment of Decision-Making Capacity in Older Adults
12 PH Finding Balance: Legal and Ethical Issues of Boundaries and Privacy in Psychotherapeutic Services
19-20 PH Expressive Arts with Elderly Clients
19-20 PH Treatment Issues in Eating Disorders
19-20 SJ Grief & Loss
20 B Clinical Applications of Deep Imagination - Level II
20 B Mindfulness for Parenting: Using Mindfulness to Help Parents Enhance Their Children's Emotional Well-Being
26 B Law and Ethics in Clinical Supervision: A Deeper Look
27 B CBT for Anxiety Disorders
March 2016
4-5  B Courageous Happiness: Cultivating Mindfulness, Well-Being & Resilience Through the Expressive Arts
4-5  OC  Eating Disorders: Modalities of Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment
5  B Introduction to Focusing: A Somatic Approach to Psychotherapy
7 & 14  SJ Queer Consciousness
11 PH ASD in Toddlers
11-13 B EMDR: Theory & Techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing - Part I
12 B Somatic Imagery to Relieve Stress & Anxiety
12 B Resolving Complex Grief
12  SJ Finding Balance: Legal and Ethical Issues of Boundaries and Privacy in Psychotherapeutic Services
18-19 B Painting Your Personal Mythology
18-19 PH Yoga for Clients with Eating Disorders
19 B Wrestling with a Gooey Monster: A Mindfulness-Based Treatment for OCD & Chronic Worry in Children
25 B Collaborative Couple Therapy: Turning Fights into Intimate Conversation
26 PH Military Sexual Trauma in Veterans: Assessment & Treatment Considerations