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Cognitive Behavorial Therapy

 All Continuing Education Certificate courses may be taken as either certificate courses or as stand-alone Continuing Education courses. Prerequisites must be observed.

Given the current economic climate in our country, many clients, referral sources, and third-party payers are looking to short-term, goal-oriented treatments as the standard of practice. CBT is an effective, time sensitive, evidenced-based treatment approach for a variety of conditions including anxiety disorders and depression. Building your CBT skill set will benefit your clients greatly, as well as your clinical practice.

This contemporary CBT certificate will allow you to get an in depth understanding of cognitive-behavioral interventions and will also introduce you to the acceptance- and mindfulness-based (3rd generation) therapies. Participants will be able to tailor the certificate toward their particular interests in clinical practice, with an emphasis on PTSD/Trauma, Eating Disorders, or 3rd Generation (DBT, ACT, & Mindfulness-Based) approaches.

Certificate requirements: A minimum of 60 hours is required. This includes five core courses and at least three electives. New electives will be available in each catalog and different core courses are offered throughout the year.

Core Courses
1. CBT: The Fundamental Skills
2. CBT: The Essential Interventions
3. CBT Case Formulation
4. Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
5. CBT with Challenging Cases

Courses Currently Offered

Core Course
CBT: The Fundamental Skills

Core Course
CBT: The Essential Interventions

Elective Course
CBT for Psychosis

Elective Course
When Trauma and Psychosis Mix: A CBT Approach to Understanding and Recovery

Elective Course
CBT with Children and Adolescents

Core Course
CBT with Challenging Cases

Additional Elective Courses: All courses in the Mindfulness-Based Therapies Workshop Series can be applied as electives to the CBT certificate program!

Discount Available
Enroll in three onsite classes together and receive 10 percent off each class.

Certificate Series Enrollment
The certificate program enrollment fee is $35. Please submit a Certificate Program Enrollment form on or before registering for your second course in the series. You will have three years to complete your course work from the date of your enrollment. Click here  to submit your Certificate Program Enrollment online or use the downloadable enrollment form available under "Related Downloads" on the right side of this page.

Certificate Series Completion
After you have completed the all the courses needed to fulfill the certificate requirements, please complete and submit a Certificate Verification form, available under “Related Downloads” on the right side of this page. Please allow six weeks for your course work to be reviewed and a certificate to be issued to you.

Frequently Asked Questions are available under "Related Downloads" on the right side of this page.