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Karen J. Townsend

Karen J. Townsend
John F. Kennedy University
(925) 969-3575

Has been teaching at John F. Kennedy University since 2002 and also teaches psychology courses at AB Tech College in Asheville NC . Karen has a private practice working with women in life transition and is a partner in a business consulting firm working with women business owners. Karen does pro-bono work as a co-facilitator of two "Adolescents at Risk" groups and helps lower socioeconomic women develop pro-social modeling skills for their daughters. She is an avid reader, researcher and writer on women in midlife transition and is working on her book Masculine/Feminine: the Debate of the Psyche in the Workplace. Her other interests include painting, quilting, hiking and her animals. She lives in the mountains of Asheville, NC and enjoys sitting on top of her mountain!


B.A. Liberal Arts - Emphasis Psychology - JFKU
M.A. Transpersonal Psychology - JFKU
M.A. Organizational Psychology - JFKU