John F. Kennedy University


Psychology, in the classical sense, is the study of the human mind to understand mental functions and behaviors and how these affect development, emotions, relationships, etc.

At JFK University, we view psychology as more encompassing, looking at the whole individual, including — mind, body, heart, and spirit — and examine human behavior, consciousness, and psychological development within various contexts. Our programs cover both traditional and emerging theories and methods to provide a solid foundation in this field of study.

Consistent with this approach, our faculty is devoted to supporting the growth and well-being of our students and to fostering a sense of community among students, faculty and staff. Personalized advising facilitates both academic development and personal transformation and so serves as a powerful pathway to professional or graduate work.

As a result, our graduates have developed vital ways of understanding, creating, relating, and being that have made them successful professionals in a variety of fields: counseling, psychotherapy, research, human resources, business, teaching, coaching, law, and many others.

We currently offer the BA completion program in psychology at our Pleasant Hill  and 
San Jose campuses - each designed to provide opportunities to link to the  Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology programs offered at each campus.