John F. Kennedy University


The Bachelor completion program in Psychology at the Pleasant Hill and San Jose campuses engages students in a lively process of intellectual inquiry, self-discovery, critical thinking, creative synthesis, and interpersonal communication. We explore traditional and contemporary theories and methods that provide a strong foundation in the field of psychology. We also offer a uniquely expansive and integrative approach that explores emerging trends and innovative applications in psychology and allied fields. The program offers two degree options: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

In a creative curriculum that includes lecture, dialogue, and experiential processes, our students investigate a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches: psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, somatic, humanistic, transpersonal, cross-cultural, family systems, ecological, and postmodern. We value the whole person—mind, body, heart, and spirit—and study human behavior, consciousness, and development within various contexts.

Personalized advising, coupled with a dynamic interdisciplinary curriculum, facilitates both academic development and personal transformation and so serves as a powerful pathway to professional or graduate work. Our graduates have developed vital ways of understanding, creating, relating, and being that have made them successful professionals in a variety of fields: counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, research, human resources, marketing, management, teaching, law, and many others.