John F. Kennedy University

Liberal Studies

The Bachelor degree completion program in Liberal Studies at JFK University  iis an innovative, transformative program designed to prepare students to think critically and holistically, to live creatively and ethically, and to work responsibly and sustainably in a dynamic global society.

Students gain global and historical perspectives on the major Liberal Arts disciplines: psychology, political science, economics, sociology, literature, religion, art, and science and technology. They learn to analyze, integrate, and apply this knowledge to academic questions, social problems, and occupational challenges.

For individuals looking toward a graduate degree, these programs offer students the opportunity to link with a Master of Arts program offered at JFK University to accelerate completion of the graduate degree.

Because JFK University values the work and life experience that students
bring with them, students may earn credit for knowledge gained through life
experience and prior nonacademic learning if it is directly related to the overall
academic program. These experiences may include formal but non-accredited classroom study, such as corporate training, professional workshops, independent scholarship, and supervised volunteer training.

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