John F. Kennedy University

Legal Studies

Department Head: Ms. Lisa Hutton, Esq.

The Legal Studies program at John F. Kennedy University offers the only bachelor's degree in Northern California approved by the American Bar Association. John F. Kennedy University's Legal Studies program also allows you to complete your Bachelor of Arts degree and earn a Paralegal Certificate at the same time.

The Paralegal Certificate and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies are for students who wish to acquire the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to be trained as legal professionals. The paralegal profession* is one of the fastest-growing and exciting new careers to emerge in the last three decades and legal studies offers excellent preparation for anyone considering law school.

The Legal Studies program, offered at the Pleasant Hill campus, is committed to providing students with up-to-date quality education to qualify them to work in this growing field.

  • Our faculty consists entirely of local practicing attorneys and we are closely connected to the thriving legal community through our distinguished advisory committee.
  • We are housed in the same facility as our law school and, as a result, are the only Legal Studies program in the Bay Area to have a complete, on-campus law library.
  • Our internship program offers students the opportunity to obtain real-work experience while they go to school.

 *Please Note: Paralegals cannot provide legal advice except as directed by an attorney nor can they establish a client/business relationship or represent a client in court.