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The Bachelor degree completion degrees in the humanities area at JFK University are innovative, transformative degrees designed to prepare students to think critically and holistically, to live creatively and ethically, and to work responsibly and sustainably in a dynamic global society.

Students in the BA in Liberal Studies gain global and historical perspectives in diverse disciplines: psychology, political science, economics, sociology, literature, religion, art, and science and technology. They learn to analyze, integrate, and apply this knowledge to academic questions, social problems, and occupational challenges.

The online BA in History of Conflict explores the history of conflict and its resolution from ancient civilizations through modern-day. Theories of war and conflict, military history, the role of religion on peace and conflict, successful and failed peace negotiations, the future of conflict and its resolution are examined through textbooks, independent readings, and a Research Seminar capstone project.

The online BA in Convergence Journalism provides a solid foundation in the journalistic principles of storytelling, ethics, newsgathering, multimedia content delivery, and comparative history, with a focus on digital media.

For individuals looking toward a graduate degree, these programs offer students the opportunity to link with a Master of Arts program offered at JFK University to accelerate completion of the graduate degree.

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